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Alexandra Asimov studied integrative social sciences at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern (B.A.) and sociology at the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main (M.A.). Since May 2020, she works as a research assistant at ALLBUS.


Journal article

Asimov, Alexandra, and Michael Blohm. 2024. "Sequential and Concurrent Mixed-Mode Designs: A Tailored Approach." Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology online first. doi:

Presentation at a conference

Asimov, Alexandra, Sarah Thiesen, and Michael Blohm. 2024. "Exploring Device Differences: Analyzing Sample Composition and Data Quality in a Large-Scale Survey." GOR 24: General Online Research Conference, 2024-02-22.

Asimov, Alexandra, and Michael Blohm. 2023. "Using age as an indicator for tailoring push-to-web." ESRA 2023 Conference, Milano, Italy, 2023-07-19.

Asimov, Alexandra, and Michael Blohm. 2022. "Concurrent Design vs. Push-to-Web: Survey Participation in a Mixed Mode General Social Survey." General Online Research Conference (GOR) 2022, HTW Berlin, Berlin, 2022-09-09.

Asimov, Alexandra. 2021. "Data quality of different response scale formats." ESRA 2021: 9th conference of the European Survey Research Association, Online, 2021-07-02.