The many faces of GESIS



Working and discussion paper

Thirolf, Florian, Delia Jäger, Malte Langheine, Yvonne Lechert, Freya Lohel, Tony Siegel, and Bernhard Schimpl-Neimanns. 2010. Mikrozensus Scientific Use File 2007: Dokumentation und Datenaufbereitung. GESIS-technical reports 2010/05. Bonn: GESIS.


Presentation at a conference

Bohr, Jeanette, Alexander Mack, Florian Thirolf, and Thomas Bosch. 2013. "The next generation of the microdata information system MISSY: an integrated solution for the documentation of European microdata." EDDI13: 5th Annual European DDI User Conference.