Work Life Balance

Family is a priority at GESIS

We know that our long-term success is based on the fact that every employee, in every department, is fully committed, highly motivated and enthusiastic about their work. For GESIS, the compatibility of work and family is therefore an integral part of human resources work and cooperation within the institute.

Commitment with distinction

Work-life balance and supporting our employees in this area is a top priority at GESIS. For this reason, the institute has committed itself to implementing numerous measures to promote this balance. Since 2010, we have been certified by berufundfamilie Service GmbH in an Audit  for our family and life-phase-oriented personnel policy.

Life-phase-oriented personnel policy

GESIS aims to provide all employees with the best possible support in reconciling work and family life. Our concept of family takes into account a variety of lifestyles. Families are people who take on social care and responsibility for each other.

We offer parents of young children, for example, a parent-child room at every location, flexible working time models and mobile working, as well as various childcare subsidies and daycare places at Fröbel e.V..

In addition to the statutory care periods, family carers can also negotiate individual working arrangements with us, both in terms of time and location. In addition, almost all of our company agreements and documents contain references to taking compatibility requirements into account.

Flexible working hours and flexible work location

GESIS supports all its employees so that they can achieve a good work-life balance. This includes being able to organize their working hours and location flexibly and individually:

  • Independent organization of working hours (within the framework of legal requirements and after consultation with the supervisor) without core hours
  • Flexitime within the framework of 6:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Flexible part-time models
  • Up to 60% mobile working within Germany
  • In the event of a business trip, any childcare required can be subsidized

Compatibility & career

Career paths at GESIS are equally open to all employees. GESIS tries to take account of the compatibility of career and family through various measures and agreements, e.g. by taking family time into account in the career guidelines or the opportunity to take on a part-time or management role. Accompanying coaching offers for our new managers are of course possible with us.

Further training opportunities, including for employees on parental leave, participation in childcare costs and support and networking for doctoral students and post-docs or participation in in-service training round off the range of offers.

Company health management at GESIS