Your Career at GESIS

We are delighted that you are interested in a career at GESIS. We offer a huge spectrum of career opportunities in an inspiring working environment, in which a high level of personal responsibility is able to cater for individual preferences.

Scientific Career

GESIS offers career opportunities for both young and senior researchers.

Career within the GESIS staff

Next to all its scholars GESIS also employs a great amount of employees with various different functions and qualifications.

University Students

Students are able to gain practical experience and get a financial support for the financing of their studies.

In-company Vocational Education

What is interesting about a vocational education is that there are a wide range of training programs at GESIS, the helpful colleagues and the high degree of work on one’s own responsibility during the training.

Human resources development

The long-term success of GESIS is based on the motivation and excitement of its employees while fulfilling their tasks with concentrated efforts.

Work Life Balance

Since 2010 GESIS is the owner of the certificate “workandfamily” of the charitable Hertie Foundation.

Gender Equality

The commitment to support gender equality is taken into account as guiding principle within all fields of function at GESIS. The implementation is the responsibility of all superiors.

Good to know!

Get helpful information about work contracts, insurance and compensation for travel expenses.