Human resources development

The long-term success of GESIS is based on the motivation and excitement of its employees while fulfilling their tasks with concentrated efforts.

GESIS attaches great importance to human resources development through internal and in-service continuing education as well as yearly appraisal interviews with each of the employees.

With its arrangements for company continuing education GESIS pursues the following goals:

  • To secure the ability to work and the fitness for work of the employees
  • To raise certitude in subject and method areas
  • To support social and communicative competences
  • To conform qualifications to present and future tasks
  • To motivate employees through higher qualifications and higher tasks
  • To support junior scholars during their graduation process
  • To prepare and qualify future team leaders and scholars

Its demand can be found in the concept document of GESIS (link) which is also mentioned in the collective company agreement (link).

In a collective company agreement to in-service continuing education GESIS wrote down that the initiative of all employees to continue their education while working is more than welcome.

To guarantee a qualification and an individual personal development at the institution appraisal interviews are held once a year between each employee and his or her supervisor.