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As an American and in my role as team leader, I am a mentor for some non-German employees, who are very welcome at GESIS and are supported in many ways.  GESIS is very international, which I appreciate.

Dr. Libby Bishop, DSS

I started as a postdoc at GESIS, later completed my habilitation, and since 2011 I have been head of the SDM department and at the same time a professor at the University of Mannheim. At GESIS, I appreciate the very good working conditions, the productive atmosphere and the career opportunities.

Prof. Dr. Beatrice Rammstedt, SDM

GESIS, as one of the world's leading social science infrastructural institutions, offers researchers, among other things

  • support in the publication of research results
  • paid participation in national and international scientific conferences
  • paid research stays at other renowned institutions
  • professional and communicative training
  • excellently equipped workplaces
  • easy access to research data
  • integration into national and international research networks
  • close cooperation with the universities of Mannheim, Cologne, Koblenz-Landau, Aachen and Düsseldorf
  • career support (set out in our career paper)
  • regular development meetings to optimally plan further career steps

The Institute's goal is to provide its scientific staff with the best possible support in their various career phases and to offer appropriate working environments in each case. At GESIS, scientists work in the different phases of a scientific career: as student assistants, doctoral students, postdocs, senior researchers, team leaders and department heads.