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Staff in the research service, IT and administration

Every exploratory research vessel needs a good engine. It is below deck and cannot be seen from the outside, but it is essential for the success of a journey. And this is also the case at GESIS: Our administrative staff makes everything possible so that our scientists can concentrate fully on their research.

  • For me, what is special about GESIS is that the work and the staff at GESIS are so diverse and that there are always experts on a topic somewhere that you can ask or with whom you can collaborate.

    Dr. Dorothée Behr, SDM
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  • I'm motivated by exciting and always new tasks, a lot of flexibility and room to help shape things; perhaps most importantly, colleagues who also enjoy their work. In my job, specifically: helping to build new things.

    Dr. Bernhard Miller, Presidential Staff

Many different professions are represented with us including:

  • third-party funding officers
  • office administrator
  • IT administrators
  • personnel officer
  • foreign language secretaries
  • data archive consultant