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Staff in the research service, IT and administration

Every exploratory research vessel needs a good engine. It is below deck and cannot be seen from the outside, but it is essential for the success of a journey. And this is also the case at GESIS: Our administrative staff makes everything possible so that our scientists can concentrate fully on their research.

GESIS offers excellent working conditions for practically oriented social researchers and promotes international exchange. The institute thus occupies a prominent position in the European science infrastructure. 

Dr. Joss Roßmann, DRS

As an American and in my role as team leader, I am a mentor for some non-German employees, who are very welcome at GESIS and are supported in many ways.  GESIS is very international, which I appreciate.

Dr. Libby Bishop, DSS

Many different professions are represented with us including:

  • third-party funding officers
  • office administrator
  • IT administrators
  • personnel officer
  • foreign language secretaries
  • data archive consultant