Work Life Balance

Since 2010 GESIS is the owner of the certificate “workandfamily” of the charitable Hertie Foundation. Therefore GESIS is bound to a range of arrangements to support the compatibility of work and family.

The focus of these arrangements is a flexible organisation of the working hours and the location of work:

  • It is possible for all employees to organise their working hours due to the legal basis, in accord with his or her supervisors, in order with the specific tasks and in the interest of the other employees
  • To guarantee a better work life balance under specific conditions, GESIS offers phone employment contracts for employees who are employed at least six months.

Further important arrangements for the compatibility of work and family at GESIS are:

  • Subsidise of child care arrangement,
  • The support of part-time employment while taking part on continuing education courses,
  • Significance of family needs concerning team work,
  • Flexible models of part-time work for individual family situations.

The short portrait developed by the Hertie foundation can be found here (235 KB) (in German) and our certificate can be seen here (229 KB) (in German). Further information concerning the audit can be found under