Center of Excellence Women and Science

CEWS - Center of Excellence Women and Science is the national hub for realization of equal opportunities for both women and men in science and research in Germany. CEWS serves as a think tank for this political field, offering impetus for new ideas, initiating processes of change in support of science as well as actively creating and engaging the necessary transfer processes between science and politics.

Operating in an international sphere, both independently and in cooperation with other institutions, CEWS executes German and EU projects, connected with equal opportunity policy as well as good practice measures at the highest levels.

Since its founding in 2000, the science-based service offering has been systematically and purposefully further developed in order to even more effectively fulfill the social contract. CEWS staff posses comprehensive know-how in the areas of:

  • social science research on equal opportunity for men and women in science;
  • policy consultation;
  • knowledge transfer
  • monitoring and evaluation of equality measures in science.

These skills coalesce, generating synergy effects that, in turn, continually increase the benefit for the target groups. As a science and research-based service provider, CEWS makes women scientists, universities, research and scientific institutions and political committees its services available.

Only by exhausting the available potential of highly qualified women scientists will the German science system be able to ensure and build up university, teaching and research excellence in this country.