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RDC Elections

The Research Data Center Elections is part of GESIS and provides access to a number of national survey datasets. 

Christina Eder

Datenarchiv für Sozialwissenschaften

National Surveys
Stellvertretende Teamleiter(in)

+49 (621) 1246-438

The RDC performs four main tasks:

  • Data collection
  • Consultation and creation of value-added services like data handbooks
  • Knowledge transfer, e.g. organisation of workshops
  • Scientific research

Questions or comments? Check out our microsite Elections!

Team members

The RDC Elections consists of employees of the departments DAS and DBG.


Dr. Christina Eder (DAS)

Team members

Project GLES (German Longitudinal Election Study)
André Förster (DAS)
Tobias Gummer (DBG)
Dr. Manuela S. Blumenberg (Projektkoordination, DBG)
Malte Kaukal (DAS)
Dr. Joss Rossmann (DBG)

Politbarometer, DeutschlandTrend
Monika Langhans (DAS)
Sophia Kratz (DAS)

Former team members
Ossip Fürnberg (DBG, GLES)
Christian Prinz (DAS, GLES)