Survey Design and Methodology

Beatrice Rammstedt

Survey Design and Methodology

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Beatrice Rammstedt

The department Survey Design and Methodology (SDM) deals in research and service with methods of social science survey research. All staff members are  experts in different areas of survey methodology ensuring, in sum, that the entire spectrum of survey research is covered, from design development, to administering questionnaires and samples, to data coding and statistical analysis.

Our service focuses on:

In the area of international comparative surveys, which are increasingly gaining importance, SDM has a special expertise:

European Social Survey (ESS)

We are, inter alia, significantly involved in the central control group of the European Social Survey (ESS).The work packages for which GESIS is responsible include “Translation“, “Sampling“, “Contract Monitoring“, “Quality Enhancement“ and the organization of training courses for young scientists. SDM also offers counseling on all aspects of comparability of international surveys (e.g. sampling, questionnaire construction, field work, translation).


Since 2009 the BMBF has commissioned GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences to implement the national PIAAC study (Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies) in Germany. PIAAC is a new OECD study that aims to examine and compare the skill levels of adults across countries. Moreover the institute is involved in further studies and projects on this issue, such as PIAAC International, PIAAC longitudinal or PIAAC-Leibniz Network.

Please visit our Research Data Center (RDC PIAAC) for further information regarding the project specific data.