GESIS in a nutshell

As the largest European infrastructure facility for the social sciences, GESIS provides researchers with expertise and services at all levels of their project. With this support, socially relevant questions can be answered on the basis of the latest scientific methods, high-quality data and research information.

GESIS offers its services to researchers who work with methods of empirical social research, primarily at universities and non-university research institutions in Germany and around the world. It is based on the basic structure of their research projects and is divided into four phases along a research data cycle: Planning studies and collecting data, finding and retrieving data, preparing and analyzing data, and archiving and recording. In each phase GESIS advises the researchers and supports

  • when planning a study and collecting survey and digital behavioral data through services and by being able to join one of our surveys;
  • in providing secondary data for specific research questions in our data archive and in cooperative archives worldwide
  • in data processing and analysis through tools and services as well as guest visits;
  • in archiving and sharing research outputs by providing appropriate databases and online platforms.

The services for the research process are based on our own continuous and interdisciplinary research in the four areas of survey methodology, research data management, current social issues and applied computer science as well as within their intersections. GESIS is committed to the Open Science concept.

GESIS is organizationally divided into five scientific departments:

Our research data centers are located at right angles to the departments, offering access to special data and other services based on the company's own research work.

GESIS cooperates with various partner universities and is involved in important European and international projects, such as the European Social Survey (ESS), the European Consortium for archives CESSDA, the OECD Project Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) and the European Value Study (EVS). As a member of the Leibniz Association, GESIS maintains institutional and project-related cooperation with other institutes of the Leibniz Association.