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Open Access publication service SSOAR recertified with DINI certificate 2016

Categories: GESIS-News; Pressemitteilung

The full-text server Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR) operated by GESIS was recertified with the DINI Certificate 2016 at the beginning of 2019, after having previously been awarded the DINI Certificate 2007. The certificate of the Deutsche Initiative für Netzwerkinformationen e.V. (DINI) certifies Open Access publication services and ensures the standardization and quality of open access document servers.

With more than 50,000 full texts, SSOAR is one of the leading providers of electronic publishing services in the social sciences. The DINI evaluates Open Access repositories and publication services against the backdrop of a constantly evolving catalogue of criteria and would like to improve the publication infrastructure for electronic publishing and strengthen open access-based forms of publication. With the DINI-certified standards, SSOAR data can be found easily and in the long term.

This confirms that GESIS provides a powerful and trusted server for electronic publications to the social science community.

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