Heidi Schulze

Heidi Schulze

Knowledge Transfer
Deputy head of team

Unter Sachsenhausen 6-8
50667 Köln

+49 (0221) 47694 - 572
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Heidi Schulze, M.A., studied Communication Science, Media Studies, Media Technology, and English Studies in Dresden, Amsterdam and Braunschweig. During her studies she worked as tutor and student assistant at the Department of Communication Science (TU Dresden) and at the Department of Computer Science (TU Braunschweig). Subsequent to her studies, she worked as research assistant at TU Dresden.

Since 2016 Heidi Schulze is a PhD Candidate at the European Data Laboratory for Comparative Social Research at GESIS.

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At EUROLAB, Heidi functions as deputy head and is, among various other guest researchers’ related tasks, the main contact person for the GESIS Grant funding scheme. In addition, since April 2017, Heidi is PhD Representative for GESIS Cologne. As such she is contact persons for all PhDs at GESIS, organizes several events for GESIS PhDs and represents GESIS within the Leibniz PhD Network.

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Her research interests are located at the intersection of political & digital communication, digital propaganda, public opinion research, and media effects research, as well as at the application of computational methods and digital trace data analyses to study political behavior in online environments.

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Journal article

Schulze, Heidi. 2016. "The Spitzenkandidaten in the European Parliament Election Campaign Coverage 2014 in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom." Politics and Governance 4 (1): 23-36. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.17645/pag.v4i1.457.

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Working and discussion paper

Schulze, Heidi, Ingvill C. Mochmann, and Spyridoula (Roula) Nezi. 2018. EUROLAB Annual Report 2017. GESIS Papers 2018/17. Köln: GESIS. https://www.ssoar.info/ssoar/handle/document/58075.

Schulze, Heidi, Roula Nezi, and Ingvill C. Mochmann. 2017. EUROLAB Annual Report 2016. GESIS Papers 2017/21. http://www.ssoar.info/ssoar/bitstream/handle/document/54360/ssoar-2017-schulze_et_al-EUROLAB_Annual_Report_2016.pdf?sequence=1.

Schulze, Heidi, Roula Nezi, and Ingvill C. Mochmann. 2016. The European Data Laboratory for Comparative Social Research – EUROLAB: 2015 Annual Report. GESIS-Technical Reports. https://www.gesis.org/fileadmin/upload/forschung/publikationen/gesis_reihen/gesis_papers/2016/GESIS-Papers_2016-13.pdf.


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Conference contribution

Schulze, Heidi, and Katarina Boland. 2019. "Building a categorization schema for automated source typing." 69th Annual International Communication Association (ICA) Conference, 24.05.2019.

Schulze, Heidi, and Lisa Merten. 2018. "Practices, Prevalence, and Predictors of Personal News Curation on Social Media." ECREA: 7th European Communication Conference (ECC), 03.11.2018.

Boland, Katarina, and Heidi Schulze. 2018. "Teilautomatisierte Analyse von Quellen in Nachrichtenartikeln." DGPuK FG Methodentagung "Computational Methods in der Kommunikationswissenschaft", 12.-14.09.2018, 14.09.2018.

Merten, Lisa, Mareike Wieland, and Heidi Schulze. 2017. "Gaming the Algorithms: Algorithmenutopien und -strategien für ein besseres Netz (workshop)." re:publica, 08.05.2017. https://re-publica.com/en/17/session/gaming-algorithms-algorithmenutopien-besseres-netz.

Schulze, Heidi, and Damian Trilling. 2013. "Of Binders and Bayonets: Measuring the Adoption of Frames from the US Presidential Debates on Twitter." Etmaal van de Communicatiewetenshap 2013, 07.02.2013.

Schulze, Heidi, Lisa Merten, Sarah Hartleib, Judith Winkler, and Eva-Jana Nittner. 2012. "Analysing the Virtual Living Room: A Case Study of Germany’s Next Top Model and Twitter." BiTS Communication and Media Conference 2012.

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Contribution not at conference

Schulze, Heidi. 2018. "Finding and Using Secondary Survey Data." Data and Methods of Data Collection, 08.11.2018.

Schulze, Heidi. 2017. "Sozialwissenschaftliche Meinungsforschung." VL Reflexion, 04.01.2017.

Schulze, Heidi. 2017. "Sozialwissenschaftliche Meinungsforschung." VL Reflexion, 06.12.2017.


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Schulze, Heidi. 2019. "Introduction to Social Sciences." Cologne Business School. WS 2018/2019: 4 SWS.

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Schulze, Heidi, and Anna-Maria Schielicke. 2015. "Forschungsprojekt: Pegida & Populismus." Technische Universität Dresden. WS 2015: 4 SWS.

Schulze, Heidi. 2015. "Markt-Media-Studien." Technische Universität Dresden. WS 2015: 2 SWS.

Schulze, Heidi. 2015. "Öffentliche Meinung: Meinungsforschung in Medien und Politik." Technische Universität Dresden. SS 2015: 2 SWS.

Schulze, Heidi. 2015. "Workshop für Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten." Technische Universität Dresden. SS 2015: 2 SWS.


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Blumenberg, Johannes N., Johannes Breuer, Jan-Lucas Schanze, Sonja Schulz, Heidi Schulze, and Benjamin Zapilko. 2018. "GESIS Research Day." 18.10.2018.