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Journal article

Wieczorek, Oliver, Jonas Volle, Khulan Bayarkhuu, Andreas Schmitz, and Richard Münch. 2023 (Forthcoming). "Collaborative Knowledge Production and the Consolidation of Innovative Research : Evidence from publications in 5 German sociology journals 2000– 2019." Soziale Welt.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Stephanie Beyer. 2023 (Forthcoming). "Fear and Loathing in Academia : Subtle Mechanisms of Symbolic Domination in the Academic Field." Sociological Forum.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Jan Riebling. 2022. "Data quality of digital process data: A generalized framework and simulation/post-hoc-identification strategy." Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 74 (Suppl 1): 407–430. doi:

Schmitz, Andreas, and Christian Schmidt-Wellenburg. 2022. "Divorce à l'allemande: Luttes symboliques et tensions institutionnelles dans la sociologie allemande contemporaine." Actes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales 243/244 (3-4): 110-123. doi:

Schmitz, Andreas, and Will Atkinson. 2022. "The German Social Space and its Homologies: A National Variant on a Basic Structure." Current Sociology online first.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Julian Hamann. 2022. "The Nexus between Methods and Power in Sociological Research." The American Sociologist 53 (3): 415–436. doi:

Schmitz, Andreas. 2022. "The ongoing unification of the market of symbolic goods. : A qualitative reconstruction of comparative practices in online dating." Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia 63 (2): 349-375.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Judith Eckert. 2022. "Towards a General Sociology of Fear: A Programmatic Answer to Crucial Deficits of the Contemporary Fear Discourse ." Emotions and Society 4 (3): 275–289. doi:

Barth, Alice, and Andreas Schmitz. 2021. "Interviewers’ and respondents’ joint production of response quality in open-ended questions: A multilevel negative-binomial regression approach." MDA (Methods, Data, Analyses) 15 (1): 43-76. doi:

Witte, Daniel, and Andreas Schmitz. 2021. "Relational sociology on a global scale: Perspectives from field theory on cross‐cultural comparison, and the re‐figuration of space(s)." Forum: Qualitative Social Research (FQS) 22 (3). doi:

Lietz, Haiko, Andreas Schmitz, and Johann Schaible. 2021. "Social network analysis with digital behavioral data." easy_social_sciences 66 41-48. doi:

Schmitz, Andreas, and Alice Barth. 2020. " Objektivierung der Kritik, Kritik der Objektivierung." Psychologie & Gesellschaftskritik 44 (1): 93–117.

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Contribution to edited volume

Schmitz, Andreas, and Jakob Horneber. 2022. "The politicised class structure of German society (2009–2017)." In Class Boundaries in Europe: The Bourdieusian Approach in Perspective, edited by Alexis Spire, and Etienne Penissat, London; New York: Routledge. doi:

Schmitz, Andreas, and Jakob Horneber. 2020. "Die quantitative Analyse textueller Daten: Das Beispiel des Angstdiskurses in US-amerikanischen TV-Präsidentschaftsdebatten 1960–2016." 1. In Angst in Kultur und Politik der Gegenwart, edited by Susanne Martin, and Thomas Linpinsel, 205-228. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Daniel Witte. 2020. "National, international, transnational and global fields – theoretical clarifications and methodological implications." In Charting transnational fields: Methodology for a political sociology, edited by Christian Schmidt-Wellenburg, and Stefan Bernhard, 79–97. Binghamton, NY: Routledge.

Baier, Christian, and Andreas Schmitz. 2019. "Organizational environments and field theory: The example of the field of German universities 2002-2014." 1. In Empirical investigations of social space, edited by Jörg Blasius, Brigitte Le Roux, and Andreas Schmitz, Methodos series 15, 305-322. Cham: Springer.

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Eckert, Judith, and Andreas Schmitz, ed. 2022. Fear: Perspectives from the Social Sciences. Special issue of Emotions and Society 4, 3. Bristol: Bristol University Press.

Stamm, Isabell, Andreas Schmitz, Maria Norkus, and Nina Baur, ed. 2020. Process‐oriented analysis: Special issue. Canadian Review of Sociology 57, 2. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Blasius, Jörg, Frederic Lebaron, Brigitte Le Roux, and Andreas Schmitz, ed. 2019. Empirical investigations of social space. Methodos series 15. Cham: Springer International.

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Schneickert, Christian, Andreas Schmitz, and Daniel Witte. 2020. Das Feld der Macht: Eliten – Differenzierung – Globalisierung. 1. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien.

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Other article

Schmitz, Andreas, and Tomasz Warczok. 2020. "Geometric Data Analysis: Advanced Issues and Current Developments." In The SAGE Encyclopedia of Research Methods, edited by Paul Atkinson, online first. Los Angeles u.a.: Sage.


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Conference contribution

Schmitz, Andreas, and Andre Armbruster. 2022. "Brüder im Nebel? : Eine feldanalytische Perspektive auf sexuellen Missbrauch als Strukturmerkmal der Katholischen Kirche." 124. Generalversammlung der Görres-Gesellschaft | 23.9. bis 25.9.2022 in Aachen, 2022-09-23.

Schmitz, Andreas. 2022. "Dyadic Classification: A Finite Mixture Classification Approach to Quantifying Dyadic Data." Relational Spatial Methods| September 16-17, 2022 | University of Berlin (TU), 2022-09-16.

Schmitz, Andreas. 2022. "Theorizing Classification Approaches to Quantifying Reciprocal Social Relations." Konferenz “Methodology of Relational Sociology Approaches and Analyses” des Forschungsnetzwerks ”Social Space, Fields and Relationality in Contemporary and Historical Social Analysis”, 2022-03-15.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Carsten Schwemmer. 2022. "Unlikely Allies? : Notwendigkeit, Potentiale und Implikationen der Integration von Computational Social Science und qualitativen Methodologien." Ad-Hoc-Gruppe auf dem 41. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie | 28.09.2022.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Stephanie Beyer. 2022. "Working Relationships? : Fears, Anxieties and Concerns as Constituents of the Academic Field." Bourdieu, Work and Inequalities. National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, Paris, France, 2022-11-18.

Schmitz, Andreas. 2021. "A Theoretical Conceptualization of Institutions and Excluded Groups.." Vortrag im Rahmen des europäischen LOCI (Lower Classes and public Institutions)-Netzwerkes am Collège doctoral européen de l'université de Strasbourg /European doctoral college of the University of Strasbourg..

Schmitz, Andreas. 2021. "Fear and Loathing in Academia : Subtle Mechanisms of Symbolic Domination within the Academic Field." IV ISA Forum of Sociology (February 23-28, 2021)..

Schmitz, Andreas, and Jonas Volle. 2021. "Networks, Paradigms and Careers in the Academic Field: Sociology in Germany and the United States.." GESIS-Eurolab Brown Bag Session..

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Contribution not at conference

Schmitz, Andreas. 2022. "Relation, Konstruktion, Geometrie: Grundlegungen und aktuelle Entwicklungen der Bourdieuschen Methodologie." Workshop „Methodologien der quantitativen Sozialwissenschaft: Wechselverhältnisse von Theorie, Methodologie und Quantifizierung“ (TU Berlin), 2022-02-17.