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Journal article

Schmitz, Andreas, and Jan Riebling. 2021 (Forthcoming). "Data Quality of Digital Process Data: A Generalized Framework and Simulation/Post-Hoc-Identification Strategy." Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie.

Witte, Daniel, and Andreas Schmitz. 2021 (Forthcoming). "Relational Sociology on a Global Scale : Perspectives from Field Theory on Cross‐Cultural Comparison, and the Re‐Figuration of Space(s): Perspectives from Field Theory on Cross‐Cultural Comparison, and the Re‐Figuration of Space(s). ." Forum: Qualitative Social Research (FQS).

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Contribution to edited volume

Schmitz, Andreas. 2022. "Pierre Bourdieu’s Sociology of Religion and Christianity."

Schmitz, Andreas, and Jakob Horneber. 2020. "Die quantitative Analyse textueller Daten: Das Beispiel des Angstdiskurses in US-amerikanischen TV-Präsidentschaftsdebatten 1960–2016." 1. In Angst in Kultur und Politik der Gegenwart, edited by Susanne Martin, and Thomas Linpinsel, 205-228. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Daniel Witte. 2020. "National, international, transnational and global fields – theoretical clarifications and methodological implications." In Charting transnational fields: Methodology for a political sociology, edited by Christian Schmidt-Wellenburg, and Stefan Bernhard, 79–97. Binghamton, NY: Routledge.

Baier, Christian, and Andreas Schmitz. 2019. "Organizational environments and field theory: The example of the field of German universities 2002-2014." 1. In Empirical investigations of social space, edited by Jörg Blasius, Brigitte Le Roux, and Andreas Schmitz, Methodos series 15, 305-322. Cham: Springer.

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Schmitz, Andreas, and Judith Eckert, ed. 2022 (Forthcoming). Fear: Sociological Perspectives: in: Emotion & Society.

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Schneickert, Christian , Andreas Schmitz, and Daniel Witte. 2020. Das Feld der Macht: Eliten – Differenzierung – Globalisierung. 1. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien.

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Other article

Schmitz, Andreas, and Tomasz Warczok. 2020. Geometric Data Analysis: Advanced Issues and Current Developments. Los Angeles u.a.: Sage.