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Journal article

Wieczorek, Oliver, Jonas Volle, Khulan Bayarkhuu, Andreas Schmitz, and Richard Münch. 2023 (Forthcoming). "Collaborative Knowledge Production and the Consolidation of Innovative Research : Evidence from publications in 5 German sociology journals 2000– 2019." Soziale Welt.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Stephanie Beyer. 2023 (Forthcoming). "Fear and Loathing in Academia : Subtle Mechanisms of Symbolic Domination in the Academic Field." Sociological Forum.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Jan Riebling. 2022. "Data quality of digital process data: A generalized framework and simulation/post-hoc-identification strategy." Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 74 (Suppl 1): 407–430. doi:

Schmitz, Andreas, and Christian Schmidt-Wellenburg. 2022. "Divorce à l'allemande: Luttes symboliques et tensions institutionnelles dans la sociologie allemande contemporaine." Actes de la Recherche en Sciences Sociales 243/244 (3-4): 110-123. doi:

Schmitz, Andreas, and Will Atkinson. 2022. "The German Social Space and its Homologies: A National Variant on a Basic Structure." Current Sociology online first.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Julian Hamann. 2022. "The Nexus between Methods and Power in Sociological Research." The American Sociologist 53 (3): 415–436. doi:

Schmitz, Andreas. 2022. "The ongoing unification of the market of symbolic goods. : A qualitative reconstruction of comparative practices in online dating." Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia 63 (2): 349-375.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Judith Eckert. 2022. "Towards a General Sociology of Fear: A Programmatic Answer to Crucial Deficits of the Contemporary Fear Discourse ." Emotions and Society 4 (3): 275–289. doi:

Barth, Alice, and Andreas Schmitz. 2021. "Interviewers’ and respondents’ joint production of response quality in open-ended questions: A multilevel negative-binomial regression approach." MDA (Methods, Data, Analyses) 15 (1): 43-76. doi:

Witte, Daniel, and Andreas Schmitz. 2021. "Relational sociology on a global scale: Perspectives from field theory on cross‐cultural comparison, and the re‐figuration of space(s)." Forum: Qualitative Social Research (FQS) 22 (3). doi:

Lietz, Haiko, Andreas Schmitz, and Johann Schaible. 2021. "Social network analysis with digital behavioral data." easy_social_sciences 66 41-48. doi:

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Contribution to edited volume

Schmitz, Andreas, and Jakob Horneber. 2022. "The politicised class structure of German society (2009–2017)." In Class Boundaries in Europe: The Bourdieusian Approach in Perspective, edited by Alexis Spire, and Etienne Penissat, London; New York: Routledge. doi:

Schmitz, Andreas, and Jakob Horneber. 2020. "Die quantitative Analyse textueller Daten: Das Beispiel des Angstdiskurses in US-amerikanischen TV-Präsidentschaftsdebatten 1960–2016." 1. In Angst in Kultur und Politik der Gegenwart, edited by Susanne Martin, and Thomas Linpinsel, 205-228. Wiesbaden: Springer VS.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Daniel Witte. 2020. "National, international, transnational and global fields – theoretical clarifications and methodological implications." In Charting transnational fields: Methodology for a political sociology, edited by Christian Schmidt-Wellenburg, and Stefan Bernhard, 79–97. Binghamton, NY: Routledge.

Baier, Christian, and Andreas Schmitz. 2019. "Organizational environments and field theory: The example of the field of German universities 2002-2014." 1. In Empirical investigations of social space, edited by Jörg Blasius, Brigitte Le Roux, and Andreas Schmitz, Methodos series 15, 305-322. Cham: Springer.

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Eckert, Judith, and Andreas Schmitz, ed. 2022. Fear: Perspectives from the Social Sciences. Special issue of Emotions and Society 4, 3. Bristol: Bristol University Press.

Stamm, Isabell, Andreas Schmitz, Maria Norkus, and Nina Baur, ed. 2020. Process‐oriented analysis: Special issue. Canadian Review of Sociology 57, 2. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

Blasius, Jörg, Frederic Lebaron, Brigitte Le Roux, and Andreas Schmitz, ed. 2019. Empirical investigations of social space. Methodos series 15. Cham: Springer International.

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Schneickert, Christian , Andreas Schmitz, and Daniel Witte. 2020. Das Feld der Macht: Eliten – Differenzierung – Globalisierung. 1. Wiesbaden: Springer Fachmedien.

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Other article

Schmitz, Andreas, and Tomasz Warczok. 2020. "Geometric Data Analysis: Advanced Issues and Current Developments." In The SAGE Encyclopedia of Research Methods, edited by Paul Atkinson, online first. Los Angeles u.a.: Sage.


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Conference contribution

Schmitz, Andreas, and Andre Armbruster. 2022. "Brüder im Nebel? : Eine feldanalytische Perspektive auf sexuellen Missbrauch als Strukturmerkmal der Katholischen Kirche." 124. Generalversammlung der Görres-Gesellschaft | 23.9. bis 25.9.2022 in Aachen, 23.09.2022.

Schmitz, Andreas. 2022. "Dyadic Classification: A Finite Mixture Classification Approach to Quantifying Dyadic Data." Relational Spatial Methods| September 16-17, 2022 | University of Berlin (TU), 16.09.2022.

Schmitz, Andreas. 2022. "Theorizing Classification Approaches to Quantifying Reciprocal Social Relations." Konferenz “Methodology of Relational Sociology Approaches and Analyses” des Forschungsnetzwerks ”Social Space, Fields and Relationality in Contemporary and Historical Social Analysis”, 15.03.2022.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Carsten Schwemmer. 2022. "Unlikely Allies? : Notwendigkeit, Potentiale und Implikationen der Integration von Computational Social Science und qualitativen Methodologien." Ad-Hoc-Gruppe auf dem 41. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie | 28.09.2022.

Schmitz, Andreas, and Stephanie Beyer. 2022. "Working Relationships? : Fears, Anxieties and Concerns as Constituents of the Academic Field." Bourdieu, Work and Inequalities. National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts, Paris, France, 18.11.2022.

Schmitz, Andreas. 2021. "A Theoretical Conceptualization of Institutions and Excluded Groups.." Vortrag im Rahmen des europäischen LOCI (Lower Classes and public Institutions)-Netzwerkes am Collège doctoral européen de l'université de Strasbourg /European doctoral college of the University of Strasbourg..

Schmitz, Andreas. 2021. "Fear and Loathing in Academia : Subtle Mechanisms of Symbolic Domination within the Academic Field." IV ISA Forum of Sociology (February 23-28, 2021)..

Schmitz, Andreas, and Jonas Volle. 2021. "Networks, Paradigms and Careers in the Academic Field: Sociology in Germany and the United States.." GESIS-Eurolab Brown Bag Session..

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Contribution not at conference

Schmitz, Andreas. 2022. "Relation, Konstruktion, Geometrie: Grundlegungen und aktuelle Entwicklungen der Bourdieuschen Methodologie." Workshop „Methodologien der quantitativen Sozialwissenschaft: Wechselverhältnisse von Theorie, Methodologie und Quantifizierung“ (TU Berlin), 17.02.2022.