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Until 2020 Master of Sociology at the University of Heidelberg
Since 2021-2022 research assistant in the SDM department in the Retrad project
Since 2022 PhD student in survey research:
  • Building a non-probabilistic access panel
  • Recruiting new respondents via social media
  • Data quality and sample composition of social media recruitments
  • Influence of different advertising strategies on performance, data quality and sample composition in surveys via social media
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Social Media Ads as a tool for targeted survey sampling

Research about:
  • Data Quality
  • Sample Composition
  • Performance
  • Advertisements & Images

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Conference contribution

Hebel, Anna. 2023. "Advertising on Social Networking Sites for Survey Recruitment: On the Importance of Ad Images on Ad Performance and Data Quality."

Weiß, Bernd, Joachim G. Piepenburg, Anna Hebel, Sebastian Stier, Frank Mangold, Judith Gilsbach, and Laura Latocha. 2023. "Poster on "The new GESIS Survey data linked with digital behavioral data"." 15. Workshop der Panelsurveys im deutschsprachigen Raum, 2023-03-30.

Hebel, Anna. 2022. "Changes in the division of labor depending on gender roles attitudes." 7. Interdisziplinäre Internationale pairfam Konferenz , Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Munich, 2022-05-11.

Hebel, Anna. 2021. "Differences in opinions on COVID-19 measures between parents and non-parents." WAPOR 74th annual conference. Speaking truth to power: Public opinion in a time of crisis, Online, 2021-11-02.