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  • 2020-2021 Doctoral Researcher, Project: HaSpaD - Harmonizing and synthesizing partnership histories from different Research data infrastructures, GESIS
  • 2017-2020 Doctoral Researcher, Projekt: ONBound - Old and new boundaries: national identities and religion; GESIS
  • 2017 MA Social Sciences, Humboldt University Berlin
  • 2013 BA Political Science, Sociology, University Potsdam
  • 2013-2017 Student Assistant, Project: GLES - German Longitudinal Election Study, WZB  
  • 2016-2017 Country Expert, Project: REScEU - Reconciling economic and social Europe: values, ideas and politics, Univeristy of Mailand
  • 2012 Student Assistant, University of Potsdam, Gender Sociology, UP

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Ex-Post Survey Data Harmonization

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National Identities and Political Attitudes in a Comparative Perspective

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Journal article

Wagner, Aiko, and Antonia May. 2013. "Linksliberale Enterhaken : geht die Fragmentierung des Parteiensystems in eine neue Runde?." MIP - Mitteilungen des Instituts für Deutsches und Internationales Parteienrecht und Parteienforschung 19 130-133.

May, Antonia. 2012. "Eine Partei sucht ihre Wähler: Schatzsuche in politischen Fahrwassern." Berliner Debatte Initial 23 (3): 126-140.

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Working and discussion paper

May, Antonia, Katharina Werhan, Insa Bechert, and Markus Quandt. 2021. ONBound-Harmonization User Guide (Stata/SPSS), Version1.1. GESIS Papers 2021/04. Köln: GESIS - Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften..

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Bechert, Insa, Antonia May, Markus Quandt, and Katharina Werhan. 2020. ONBound - Old and new boundaries: National Identities and Religion: Customized dataset. GESIS Data Archive, Cologne.


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Jungmann, Nils, Antonia May, and Anne-Kathrin Stroppe. 2021. "Data Management, Advanced Programming and Automation using Stata."

Blumenberg, Johannes N., and Antonia May. 2021. "Einführung in die Datenanalyse mit Stata (Online Workshop)."


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Conference contribution

May, Antonia. 2019. "A Comparative Perspective on Similarities and Differences in Patterns of National Identity."

Quandt, Markus, and Antonia May. 2019. "Classifying a Large Number of Countries by their Populations’ Shares of Ethnic and Civic Types of National Identification."

Quandt, Markus, and Antonia May. 2019. "Using Latent Class Analysis for testing the equivalence of multi-item scales across data from different survey programs. The example of National Identity types."

May, Antonia. 2018. "National identity patterns and their effects on right-wing populist attitudes in Germany."

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Contribution not at conference

May, Antonia. 2020. "Drei Jahre ex-post Harmonisierung internationaler Umfrageprogramme und makrosoziologischer Indikatoren: Entdeckungen, Erkenntnisse, Lösungsstrategien."

May, Antonia, and Markus Quandt. 2019. "Developing an Empirical Typology for National Identity (Attitudes) using Data from Multiple Sources."

Werhan, Katharina, Antonia May, Insa Bechert, and Markus Quandt. 2019. "Implementing Large-Scale Ex-Post Data Harmonization: Lessons and Conclusions from the First two Years of ONBound."

May, Antonia. 2018. "Exploring National Identity Patterns in a Comparative Perspective."


Giebler, Heiko, Josephine Lichteblau, Antonia May, Reinhold Melcher, Aiko Wagner, and Bernhard Weßels. 2016. "CSES MODULE 1-3 HARMONIZED TREND FILE [dataset] : May 31, 2016 version. doi: 10.7804/cses.trendfile.2016-05-31."

Giebler, Heiko, Josephine Lichteblau, Antonia May, Reinhold Melcher, Marcus Spittler, Aiko Wagner, and Bernhard Weßels. 2014. "GLES Kandidatenstudie 2013: Motive, Nominierungen, Wahlkampf, Repräsentation und Demokratie aus der Sicht der Bundestagskandidatinnen und Bundestagskandidaten - Kurzbericht."


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Quandt, Markus, Insa Bechert, Antonia May, Katharina Werhan, Annette Schnabel, and Ferruccio Biolcati-Rinaldi. 2019. "Old and New Boundaries in Europe: National and Religious Identities: Workshop of the project "ONBound", jointly funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and Deutscher Akademische Austauschdienst (DAAD)."