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I am working in the field of Computational Social Science and leader of the GESIS team "Designed Digital Data". My research focuses on applying computational methods for ethnic minority & gender studies, digital media, political communication, and sociotechnical systems. I am particularly interested in methods related to natural language processing, image recognition, and data mining.

Results of my work have been published in journals such as Computers in Human Behavior, European Sociological Review, Social Media + Society, European Journal of Political Research, and West European Politics.

In addition to research, I taught courses about Data Analysis, Data Mining, Quantitative Text Analysis, and Political Sociology at the University of Bamberg, University of Konstanz, Humboldt University of Berlin, and the University of Stuttgart.

You can find more information such as my CV and latest publications on my website:

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Journal article

Schwemmer, Carsten. 2021. "The Limited Influence of Right-Wing Movements on Social Media User Engagement." Social Media + Society 7 (3): 1-13. doi:

Saalfeld, Thomas, Jorge Fernandes, and Carsten Schwemmer. 2021. "The politics of select committee assignments in the British house of commons." Legislative Studies Quarterly online first. doi:

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Schwemmer, Carsten, Diana Fischer-Pressler, and Kai Fischbach. 2019. "Collective sense-making in times of crisis: Connecting terror management theory with Twitter user reactions to the Berlin terrorist attack." Computers in Human Behavior. doi:

Ziewiecki, Sandra, and Carsten Schwemmer. 2019. "Die Vernetzung von Influencern – eine Analyse der deutschen YouTube-Szene." Merz Wissenschaft.

Leschke, Julia, and Carsten Schwemmer. 2019. "Media bias towards African-Americans before and after the Charlottesville rally." 2. Weizenbaum Conference. Berlin, 2019. doi:

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Fernandes, Jorge, Lucas Geese, and Carsten Schwemmer. 2019. "The impact of candidate selection rules and electoral vulnerability on legislative behaviour in comparative perspective." European Journal of Political Research. doi:

Schwemmer, Carsten, and Sebastian Jungkunz. 2019. "Whose ideas are worth spreading? The representation of women and ethnic groups in TED talks." Political Research Exchange. doi:

Fernandes, Jorge, Christina Leston-Bandeira, and Carsten Schwemmer. 2018. "Election proximity and representation focus in party-constrained environments." Party Politics. doi:

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Jungkunz, Sebastian, Marc Helbling, and Carsten Schwemmer. 2018. "Xenophobia before and after the Paris 2015 attacks: Evidence from a natural experiment." Ethnicities. doi:

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Working and discussion paper

Mathur, Arunesh, Angelina Wang, Carsten Schwemmer, Maia Hamin, Brandon Stewart, and Arvind Narayanan. 2020. Manipulative tactics are the norm in political emails.