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Journal article

Herbes, Carsten, Christoph Beuthner, and Iris Ramme. 2020. "How green is your packaging: A comparative international study of cues consumers use to recognize environmentally friendly packaging." International Journal of Consumer Studies 2020 (44): 258-271.

Dahlin, Johannes, Christoph Beuthner, Verena Halbherr, Peter Kurz, Michael Nelles, and Carsten Herbes. 2019. "Sustainable compost and potting soil marketing: Private gardener preferences." Journal of Cleaner Production 2018.

Herbes, Carsten, Christoph Beuthner, and Iris Ramme. 2018. "Consumer attitudes towards biobased green packaging solutions : - a cross-cultural comparative study." Journal of Cleaner Production. doi:

Beuthner, Christoph, Maren Friedrich, Carsten Herbes, and Iris Ramme. 2018. "Examining survey response styles in cross-cultural marketing research: A comparison between Mexican and South Korean respondents." International Journal of Market Research. doi:

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Working and discussion paper

Beuthner, Christoph, Jessica Daikeler, and Henning Silber. 2019. Mixed-Device and Mobile Web Surveys. GESIS Survey Guidelines. doi:


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Conference contribution

Beuthner, Christoph, Sven Stadtmüller, Gummer Tobias, Pablo Christmann, Rebekka Kluge, Matthias Sand, and Henning Silber. 2020. "Increasing response rates in self-administered mixed-mode surveys : An experiment on incentives and mode sequence." Virtual: AAPOR 75th Annual Conference, 11.06.2020.

Beuthner, Christoph, Bernd Weiß, Florian Keusch, and Henning Silber. 2019. "Linking Digital Data to Survey Data: Respondents Willingness to Consent and the Potential of Facebook Data." Digital Societies 2019 - Second Conference of the Academy of Sociology, University of Konstanz, 25.09.2019.

Beuthner, Christoph, Florian Keusch, Natalja Menold, Jette Schröder, Henning Silber, and Bernd Weiß. 2019. "Linking Survey and Social Media Data: Results and Implications of an Exploratory Study with Facebook Data." AAPOR 74th Annual Conference, 16.05.2019.

Beuthner, Christoph, Florian Keusch, Natalja Menold, Jette Schröder, Bernd Weiß, and Henning Silber. 2019. "Respondents Willingness to Share Data from Social Media Accounts: The Influence of Device, Privacy Concerns and Respondent Characteristics." ESRA 2019 : 8th Conference of the European Survey Research Association, Zagreb (Croatia), 16.07.2019.

Beuthner, Christoph, Florian Keusch, Henning Silber, and Bernd Weiß. 2019. "Sind Befragte bereit zu teilen? : Ergebnisse einer explorativen Studie zur Bereitschaft von Befragten Daten aus digitalen Quellen zu teilen." Gemeinsame Tagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft sozialwissenschaftlicher Institute (ASI) und der DGS-Sektion „Methoden der empirischen Sozialforschung“, GESIS - Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, Köln, 15.11.2019.

Ramme, Iris, Christoph Beuthner, and Carsten Herbes. 2019. "Sustainable packaging: what consumers think it is and how they recognize it." International Conference on Crafting Foundations for Sustainable and Inclusive Development (CRFSID-2019), 22.02.2019.

Meitinger, Katharina, Henning Silber, Jessica Daikeler, and Christoph Beuthner. 2019. "Taking Respondents Seriously: Feedback in Mixed-Device Studies." GOR 19 : General Online Research Conference, 08.03.2019.

Beuthner, Christoph, Bernd Weiß, Jette Schröder, Natalja Menold, Henning Silber, and Florian Keusch. 2018. "Does the topic make a difference?: An analysis of consent decisions." ESA RN 21 midterm conference, 04.10.2018.

Silber, Henning, Bernd Weiß, Florian Keusch, Christoph Beuthner, and Jette Schröder. 2018. "Framing Consent Questions in Mobile Surveys: Experiments on Question Wording." Big Data Meets Survey Science (BigSurv18), 27.10.2018.

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Herbes, Carsten, Christoph Beuthner, and Iris Ramme. 2017. "The least desirable Option: consumer´s attitudes towards biomethane as a raw material for green packaging Solutions." EUBCE.

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Contribution not at conference

Weiß, Bernd, Christoph Beuthner, Henning Silber, Florian Keusch, Natalja Menold, and Jette Schröder. 2019. "Consenting to Data Linkage: The Role of Data Domain, Framing, Device, Incentives, and Respondent Characteristics." Mobile Apps and Sensors in Surveys (University of Mannheim and Utrecht University), Universität Mannheim, Mannheim, 04.03.2019.


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Beuthner, Christoph. 2018. "Market Research." WS 2017/2018: 2 SWS.

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