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Chan, Chung-hong, Hartmut Wessler, Marc Jungblut, Kasper Welbers, Scott Althaus, Joseph Bajjalieh, and Wouter Van Atteveldt. 2023. "Challenging the Global Cultural Conflict Narrative: An Automated Content Analysis on How Perpetrator Identity Shapes Worldwide News Coverage of Islamist and Right-Wing Terror Attacks." International Journal of Press/Politics. doi:

Müller, Philipp, Chung-hong Chan, Katharina Ludwig, Rainer Freudenthaler, and Hartmut Wessler. 2023 (Forthcoming). "Differential Racism in the News: Using Semi-Supervised Machine Learning to Distinguish Explicit and Implicit Stigmatization of Ethnic and Religious Groups in Journalistic Discourse." Political Communication 2023. doi:

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