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Libby Bishop is the Coordinator for International Data Infrastructures in the Data Archive for the Social Sciences at GESIS Leibniz-Institute for Social Sciences in Germany.  GESIS is a service provider to the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA). She manages the overall relationship between the two organizations, leads the Training Project, and coordinates numerous additional projects involving staff from GESIS and other European research data infrastructures on topics such as digital behavioral data, metadata, and community outreach.   She leads a task on developing remote secure access for sensitive data within the European Open Science Cloud initiative via the Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud Project.  She is also Team Leader of the GESIS Metadata Standards and Interoperability Team.  She is an experienced researcher, with expertise in interviewing, observational ethnography, and secondary analysis of qualitative data.  Her research explores the methodological and ethical challenges posed when curating data for sharing and reuse.  Her most recent publication investigates differences between platforms and data types regarding informed consent for linking survey and social media data. 
  • 1993     Ph.D., Labor Economics and Organizational Theory, University of California, Berkeley (1993)

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  •  I am an experienced researcher, with expertise in interviewing and observational ethnography. 
  •   My current research explores the ethical challenges posed when curating big data (e.g., administrative, transaction, social media, and other genres) for data sharing and reuse. 

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Journal article

Breuer, Johannes, Tarek Al Baghal, Luke Sloan, Libby Bishop, Dimitra Kondyli, and Apostolos Linardis. 2021. "Informed consent for linking survey and social media data: Differences between platforms and data types." IASSIST Quarterly 45 (1): 1-27. doi:

Breuer, Johannes, Libby Bishop, and Katharina E. Kinder-Kurlanda. 2020. "The practical and ethical challenges in acquiring and sharing digital trace data: negotiating public-private partnerships." New Media & Society 22 (11): 2058-2080. doi:

Bishop, Libby, and Kuula-Luumi Arja. 2017. "Revisiting Qualitative Data Re-use: A Decade On." SAGE Open 7 (1): 1-15. doi:

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Chapter in an edited book

Corti, Louise, and Libby Bishop. 2020. "Ethical issues in data sharing and archiving." In Handbook of research ethics and scientific integrity , edited by Ron Ifophen, 403-426. Cham: Springer. doi:

Bishop, Libby. 2020. "Secondary Analysis of Qualitative Data." In Qualitative Research , edited by David Silverman, 429-446. London: Sage.

Bishop, Libby, and Daniel Gray. 2017. "Ethical Challenges of Publishing and Sharing Social Media Research Data." In The ethics of Internet-mediated Research and Using Social Research,

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Corti, Louise, Libby Bishop, Veerle Van den Eynden, Matthew Woollard, Maureen Haaker, and Scott Summers. 2020. Managing and sharing research data: A guide to good practice. Los Angeles u.a.: Sage.

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Working and discussion paper

Breuer, Johannes, Kerrin Borschewski, Libby Bishop, Martin Vávra, Janez Stebe, Katarina Strapcova, and Peter Hegedüs. 2021. Archiving social media data: A guide for archivists and researchers. CESSDA work plan. doi:

Bishop, Libby. 2017. Big data and data sharing: Ethical issues. UK Data Service.

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Variable Report

2019. Report on legal and ethical framework and strategies related to access, use, re-use, dissemination and preservation of social media data. : Deliverable 6.3 of the SERISS project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme GA No: 654221. .

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Bishop, Libby. 2017. Data for revisiting qualitative data reuse: A decade on’. [data collection]. UK Data Service. SN: 852594. doi:


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Presentation not at a conference

Bishop, Libby, Johannes Breuer, Kerrin Borschewski, Libby Hemphill, Sebastian Karcher, Janez Stebe, Sara D. Thomson, and Oliver Watteler. 2020. "Archiving Social Media Data: Challenges and Proposed Solutions." CESSDA Webinar. doi:

Bishop, Libby, Johannes Breuer, and David H. Schiller. 2017. "Archiving new types of data: experiences and examples from GESIS." CESSDA Expert Seminar 2017, 2017-09-12.


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Sloan, Luke, Johannes Breuer, and Libby Bishop. 2021. "Linking Twitter & Survey Data." GESIS - Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, Köln.

Sloan, Luke, Johannes Breuer, and Libby Bishop. 2020. "Linking Twitter & survey data." GESIS - Leibniz-Institut für Sozialwissenschaften, Köln.

Expertise and review

Bishop, Libby. 2018. "BBC News Interview-Facebook & Cambridge Analytica." Anzahl: 1.


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Bishop, Libby. 2019. "CESSDA Training Days." 2019-11-27 - 2019-11-28.