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My role at GESIS is the Team Leader for the Data Linking and Data Security Team (DLS) in the Data Archive for the Social Sciences (DAS).  Our team is investigating opportunities for the Secure Data Center, such as remote access and new forms of data such as social media.  We are also working on challenges with data linkage, including protecting privacy when linking survey and georeferenced data. I also work at the UK Data Archive, University of Essex, as a Manager for Producer Relations, specializing in Research Ethics.  I advise data producers about informed consent, confidentiality, anonymization and secure procedures for accessing sensitive data.  I am also a member of the Archive’s User Support team, where I teach and promote data reuse, especially secondary analysis of qualitative data.  Outputs from both these strands of work include webpages, training materials, workshops, a best practice data management guide for research centers, peer-reviewed articles, a book, and most recently, an article on reusing qualitative data. My principal research interest is how productive actions such as work, learning, and design are coordinated, whether through markets (based on price), hierarchies (based on authority) or networks (based on trust).

  • 1993     Ph.D., Labor Economics and Organizational Theory, University of California, Berkeley (1993)

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  •  I am an experienced researcher, with expertise in interviewing and observational ethnography. 
  •   My current research explores the ethical challenges posed when curating big data (e.g., administrative, transaction, social media, and other genres) for data sharing and reuse. 
I have a chapter coming out soon: Ethical challenges of publishing and sharing social media research data, in: The ethics of Internet-Mediated Research and Using Social Media for Social Reseach (Kandy Wakefield, ed.) Emerald Publishing. 2017.

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Journal article

Bishop, Libby, and Kuula-Luumi Arja. 2017. "Revisiting Qualitative Data Re-use: A Decade On." SAGE Open 7 (1): 1-15. doi:

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Contribution to edited volume

Corti, Louise, and Libby Bishop. 2020. "Ethical issues in data sharing and archiving." In Handbook of research ethics and scientific integrity , edited by Ron Ifophen, 403-426. Cham: Springer. doi:

Bishop, Libby, and Daniel Gray. 2017. "Ethical Challenges of Publishing and Sharing Social Media Research Data." In The ethics of Internet-mediated Research and Using Social Research,

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Corti, Louise, Libby Bishop, Veerle Van den Eynden, Matthew Woollard, Maureen Haaker, and Scott Summers. 2020. Managing and sharing research data: A guide to good practice. Los Angeles u.a.: Sage.

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Working and discussion paper

Bishop, Libby. 2017. Big data and data sharing: Ethical issues. UK Data Service.