Jan-Lucas Schanze

M.A. Jan-Lucas Schanze

Survey Design and Methodology
European Social Survey

Kaiserring 10-16
68159 Mannheim

+49 (0621) 1246 - 405
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I studied political science and economics at Mannheim University (receiving my BA in 2013) and at the Free University of Berlin (receiving my master's degree in 2015). During my studies, I worked as a student research assistant for the German Longitudinal Election Study (GLES) at Mannheim University, participated in a research project at Stanford University (US-CA), and worked for two departments at the German Institute for Economic Research (at the Socio-Economic Panel among others).

In January 2016, I joined the Team ESS at GESIS. I am a doctoral researcher and worked as a research associate for the EU-funded SERISS project ("Synergies for Europe’s Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences") until the project came to an end in July 2019. Since August 2018, I work for the Core Scientific Team of the European Social Survey (ESS), mainly in the areas of fieldwork (preparation and monitoring), quality assessment, and support for a number of participating countries.

From September 2017 until October 2018 I was Spokesperson of the Leibniz PhD Network and board member of the N2 network

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Hard-to-survey populations; institutionalized populations; coverage bias; data collection in face to face surveys; cross-national surveys

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Journal article

Schanze, Jan-Lucas. 2019. "A reply to “Do surveys accurately report voters over 80 years old?”: testing for bias in probability‑based surveys of private households." French Politics 17 (1): 26–44. https://doi.org/10.1057/s41253-019-00080-y .

Schanze, Jan-Lucas. 2019. "Schwer befragbar und vernachlässigbar?: Die Bevölkerung in Gemeinschaftsunterkünften." Informationsdienst Soziale Indikatoren : ISI (62): 13-20. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.15464/isi.62.2019.13-20.

Schanze, Jan-Lucas, and Stefan Zins. 2019. "Undercoverage of the elderly institutionalized population: The risk of biased estimates and the potentials of weighting." Survey Methods: Insights from the Field. https://surveyinsights.org/?p=11275.

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Working and discussion paper

Schanze, Jan-Lucas, Antonio Arcudi, Aida Cumurovic, Christa Gotter, Daniel Graeber, Philippe Joly, Verena Ott, Sabine Thater, Meike Weltin, and Seren Yenikent. 2019. Doctoral Researchers in the Leibniz Association: Final Report of the 2017 Leibniz PhD Survey. https://www.ssoar.info/ssoar/handle/document/61363.

Schanze, Jan-Lucas, and Maayan Levinson. 2019. Surveying the Institutionalized Population: Report on what persons live in institutions and the most relevant institution types they live in, the availability of data to select them and their ability to be reached in practice. SERISS: Deliverable 2.17. http://www.seriss.eu/resources/deliverables.

Schanze, Jan-Lucas. 2017. Report on sampling practices for the institutionalized population in social surveys. Deliverable 2.16 of the SERISS project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme GA No: 654221. http://www.seriss.eu/resources/deliverables.


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Conference contribution

Schanze, Jan-Lucas, and Verena Halbherr. 2019. "A brief guide on if and how to survey institutional residents." 4th International ESS Conference, 16.04.2019.

Schanze, Jan-Lucas. 2019. "Institutional Populations: Survey practices on how to reach and interview hard-to-survey respondents." ESRA 2019 : 8th Conference of the European Survey Research Association, Zagreb (Croatia), 19.07.2019.

Schanze, Jan-Lucas, and Stefan Zins. 2017. "The institutionalized population in survey research: Assessing the peril of coverage bias with cross-national survey data." ESRA 2017: 7th Conference of the European Survey Research Association, 17.07.2017.

Schanze, Jan-Lucas. 2016. "Extending the coverage to non-private citizens: Exclusion of the institutional population and the comparability of administrative data in Europe." Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders.

Schanze, Jan-Lucas. 2016. "Extending the coverage to the institutional population : Existing sampling frames and research designs to reach hard-to-survey groups." Frühjahrstagung der Methodensektion der DVPW.

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Contribution not at conference

Schanze, Jan-Lucas. 2019. "Response behavior and data quality in a survey of elderly respondents: Comparing community-dwelling and institutionalized respondents in SHARE." Joint German & Dutch SHARE User Workshop, 16.05.2019.

Schanze, Jan-Lucas. 2018. "A reply to “Do surveys accurately report voters over 80 years old?” – Testing for artefacts in probability-based surveys of private households." ESS Data Workshop, 20.04.2018.

Schanze, Jan-Lucas. 2016. "Population Coverage: Institutional Population." ESS ERIC Field Directors meeting.