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Since 09/2018: Doctoral Researcher in the Project "The Effect of Parental Wealth on Educational Decisions", GESIS, Mannheim
2017: Study Abroad, University of Connecticut, USA
2016-2018: M.A. Sociology, University of Mannheim
2013-2016: B.A. Sociology, University of Kassel

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Current research project:

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Journal article

Dräger, Jascha. 2020. "The Impact of Statistical Discrimination in Shared Housing Markets: A Correspondence Study on Ethnic Discrimination in Germany." Informationsdienst Soziale Indikatoren (64): 16-21.

Dräger, Jascha, and Nora Müller. 2020. "Wealth Stratification in the Early School Career in Germany." Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 67 100483. doi:

Müller, Nora, and Jascha Dräger. 2019. "Economic roles and marriage timing: A cohort comparison between women and men in East and West Germany." Longitudinal and Life Course Studies 10 (3): 347-374. doi:

Skopek, Nora, and Jascha Dräger. 2017. "Erwerbseinstieg beschleunigt Erstheirat von Frauen auch in den neuen Bundesländern." Informationsdienst Soziale Indikatoren (58): 13-17.


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Dräger, Jascha. 2019. "Grundlagen der Soziologie." Universität Mannheim. 2 SWS.


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Conference contribution

Dräger, Jascha. 2019. "Die Rolle von finanziellen Ressourcen für die Entwicklung sozialer Disparitäten in kognitiven Kompetenzen." DGS-Frühjahrstagung der Sektion "Soziale Ungleichheitund Sozialstrukturanalyse", WZB, 27.05.2019.

Dräger, Jascha, and Klaus Pforr. 2019. "How Money Buys Skills: Testing the Mediators Between Parent’s Wealth and Children’s Competence Among Pre-Schoolers in Germany." 2019 SLLS International Conference, Universität Potsdam, 26.09.2019.

Dräger, Jascha, and Klaus Pforr. 2019. "How money buys skills: A mediation analysis of competence disparities among preschoolers in Germany." Analytical Sociology: Theory and Empirical Applications. Seminar in Cooperation with Venice International University and Academy of Sociology, Venice International University, San Servolo, 18.11.2019.

Dräger, Jascha. 2019. "Parental Wealth and Cognitive Skills in the Early School Career in Germany." ISA RC28 Spring Meeting: Long-term consequences of the Great Recession for stratification, mobility and inequality, 21.03.2019.

Dräger, Jascha. 2018. "Economic Independence and Marriage Timing – A Cohort Comparison between East and West Germany." SLLS Conference 2018 “Qualitative and Quantitative Longitudinal Research and Its Impact”, 09.07.2018.

Dräger, Jascha. 2018. "Primary and secondary effects of parental wealth in the early school career in Germany." ESCR Thematic Workshop "Wealth Inequality and Mobility", 06.12.2018.

Dräger, Jascha, and Nora Müller. 2018. "Primary and secondary effects of parental wealth in the early school career in Germany." 3rd International NEPS User Conference , 22.11.2018.

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Contribution not at conference

Dräger, Jascha. 2019. "Taking the front door to the income-achievement gap among pre-schoolers in Germany." Causal Inference in the Social Sciences

, Universität Leipzig, 25.07.2019.

Expertise and review

Dräger, Jascha. 2019. "Longitudinal and Life Course Studies." Anzahl: 1.


Dräger, Jascha, and Klaus Pforr. 2019. "Mediators of Competence Disparities by Parental Financial Resources among Pre-Schoolers in Germany."