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Klara Dentler is a data processing specialist for the Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) based in the Department of Monitoring Society and Social Change at GESIS Mannheim. Klara holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and business administration and a master’s degree in political science, both from the University of Mannheim, Germany, and joined CSES in September 2019. Klara is also pursuing a Ph.D. in political science at the Graduate School of Social Sciences at the University of Mannheim, Germany. Before joining the CSES Secretariat, Klara worked as a Research Assistant for the CSES project and for ZIS at GESIS.

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In the CSES, Klara is responsible for processing CSES micro data, data documentation, collecting district data, data harmonization, data quality checks, website content, and responding to user queries. 

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Klara's research interests are comparative politics focusing on voting behavior, especially political leaders, economic voting, and political attitudes. 

In her Ph.D. thesis, Klara investigates the emergence of ambivalent (conflicting) attitudes and their effects on swing voters and those individuals' decision-making processes. She thereby distinguishes between parties and their leaders. 

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Journal article

Dentler, Klara, Thomas Gschwend, and David Huenlich. 2021. "A swing vote from the ethnic backstage: The role of German American isolationist tradition for Trump’s 2016 victory." Electoral Studies online first. doi:

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Working and discussion paper

Dentler, Klara, Matthias Bluemke, and Oscar W. Gabriel. 2020. German satisfaction with the political system short scale (SPS). Zusammenstellung sozialwissenschaftlicher Items und Skalen. Mannheim: GESIS. doi:

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Other article

Dentler, Klara, and Georgios Papastefanou. 2018. Bibliographie zur Einkommens- und Verbrauchsstichprobe (EVS): Stand: 10. Januar 2018. Köln: GESIS Papers, 2018/02. doi:

Thies, Theresa, Klara Dentler, and Georgios Papastefanou. 2017. Bibliographie zur Einkommens- und Verbrauchsstichprobe (EVS): Stand: 21. März 2017. Köln: GESIS Papers, 2017/09. doi: