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Journal article

Froehling, Leon, and Arkaitz Zubiaga. 2021. "Feature-based detection of automated language models: tackling GPT-2, GPT-3 and Grover." PeerJ Computer Science. doi:


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Conference contribution

Sen, Indira, Leon Froehling, and Katrin Weller. 2022. "Error framework in social media research." 12th International Conference on Social Media & Society, 2022-07-19.

Froehling, Leon, Indira Sen, Felix Soldner, Leonie Steinbrinker, Katrin Weller, and Maria Zens. 2022. "Total Error Sheets for Datasets: Interdisciplinary, community-centered development of CSS data documentation templates." ODISSEI Conference for Social Science in the Netherlands 2022, 2022-11-03.