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Contribution to edited volume

Saeltzer, Marius, Daniel Braby, and Benjamin Guinaudeau. 2022 (Forthcoming). "Scaling Models in Political Science." In Encyclopedia of Technology & Politics, edited by Andrea Ceron, Edgar Elgar.


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Conference contribution

Saeltzer, Marius, Lucy Kinski, and Stefanie Walter. 2021. "How Men debate Women's Concerns - The importance of Individual Gender Representation in Parliamentary Debates across Political Issues." EPSA 2021: 11th Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association, Online.

Saeltzer, Marius, Jochen Müller, Christian Stecker, Andreas Blätte, and Christoph Leonhardt. 2021. "The Populist Zeitgeist in Parliament." DVPW Kongress 2021 , Online, 15.09.2021.