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Mazlum Karatas is a postdoctoral researcher with the CEWS team at GESIS. He is a quantitative researcher with a Ph.D. in Economics. He pursued his Ph.D. and Master's degree at Università Politecnica delle Marche in Italy. The deepening focus of his doctoral studies has been on the impact of cultural factors on international trade and economics. Utilizing big data, he applied recent econometric models to conduct his research. 

At GESIS, he will be working on the EU-funded project INSPIRE which aims to be Europe’s sustainable center of excellence, globally renowned for the quality of its research and analysis produced on inclusive gender equality in research and innovation. He will use his experience with cutting-edge research techniques in this position to help society understand the factors that affect gender equality and diversity in academic institutions and other research-intensive organizations.

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His research areas can be summarized as follows;

  • Intersection between Gender and Culture
  • Cultural Economics
  • Gender Equality  
  • Economics of Religion

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Conference contribution

Karatas, PhD, Mazlum. 2021. "Religious Similarity and Exports." Cultural Economics and Finance Conference, 2021-11-05.