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I am currently a PhD candidate at GESIS working on design of Hybrid methodolgies to mitigate hate speech in social media as a part of HYBRIDS project. I am advised by Prof. Dr. Claudia Wagner and Dr. Dennis Assenmacher. Previously, I was a Senior Data Scientist at Coursera working on building NLP models for automated grading assistance and developing Cloud Architecture for model deployment. I graduated with a Master's Degree in Computer Science (Thesis Track) from University at Buffalo(State University of New York) in 2021 with a specialization in NLP and Computational Social Science. To top


My research mostly deals with using Deep Learning based Language Models to detect hate speech, quantify data quality for different hate speech datasets and investigating new methods for synthetic data generation. To top



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Madani, Navid, Rabiraj Bandyopadhyay, Michael Miller Yodder, and Kenneth Joseph. 2023. "Measuring Stereotypes using Entity-Centric Data." ArXiV Preprint. doi: