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Rebekka Kluge studied sociology at the Technical University of Dresden from 2011 to 2015. From 2015 to 2018 she completed a double master's degree in Survey Statistics and Sociology with focus on methods of social empirical research at the Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg. Since November 2018 she has been working as PhD student in the team Survey Operations at GESIS. Since June 2019 she has also been supporting the ESS (European Social Survey) international in the field of "Promoting desirable interviewer behaviour".

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Socially Desirable Responding, Interviewer Effects, Measurement Bias, Data Quality
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Contribution to edited volume

Hepp, Lisa, Rebekka Kluge, Silvia Schwanhäuser, and Katharina Stark. 2020. "Coke macht mehr draus." 1. In Bad Science - Die dunkle Seite der Statistik, edited by Florian Meinfelder, and Rebekka Kluge, 111-125. Vahlen .

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Meinfelder, Florian, and Rebekka Kluge, ed. 2020. Bad Science: Die dunkle Seite der Statistik. München: Vahlen.

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Working and discussion paper

Ackermann-Piek, Daniela, Rebekka Kluge, and Rahel Ladwig. 2020. Allgemeines Interviewertraining für computerbasierte persönliche Befragungen. GESIS- Survey Guidelines. Mannheim: GESIS - Leibniz institute for the Social Sciences. doi:

Ackermann-Piek, Daniela, Jette Schröder, Rebekka Kluge, and Ina Bieber. 2019. Interviewer Effects in Standardized Surveys. doi:


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Conference contribution

Kluge, Rebekka, Fabienne Kraemer, Henning Silber, Michael Bosnjak, Joanna Koßmann, Bella Struminskaya, and Bernd Weiß. 2022. "Closer Look at Face-Saving Response Options to Reduce Vote Overreporting: Disentangling Social Desirability Bias, Memory Failure, and Response Order Effects." General Online Research Conference (GOR 22), 08.09.2022.

Beuthner, Christoph, Sven Stadtmüller, Gummer Tobias, Pablo Christmann, Rebekka Kluge, Matthias Sand, and Henning Silber. 2020. "Increasing response rates in self-administered mixed-mode surveys : An experiment on incentives and mode sequence." 75th annual conference of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), Virtual Conference, 11.06.2020.

Kluge, Rebekka, Maximilian Etzel, Joseph W. Sakshaug, and Henning Silber. 2020. "The Dimensionality of Socially Desirable Responding (SDR): Evidence from a Self administered General Population Survey." Mid-term Conference of Research Network 21 “Quantitative Methods” of the European Sociological Association, 10.10.2020.

Kartsounidou, Evangelia, Rebekka Kluge, Henning Silber, and Tobias Gummer. 2019. "Survey Experience and its Impact on Response Behavior in Panel Surveys: Evidence from the GESIS Panel Data." GESIS Panel User Conference, 11.03.2019.

Kartsounidou, Evangelia, Rebekka Kluge, Henning Silber, and Tobias Gummer. 2019. "Survey Experience and its Impact on Response Behaviour in Panel Surveys: Evidence from the GESIS Panel." 8th Conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA) , 17.07.2019.

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Contribution not at conference

Ackermann-Piek, Daniela, and Rebekka Kluge. 2019. "Evaluation of Interviewer Training." Presentation at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), 06.05.2019.

Kluge, Rebekka. 2019. "Learning from Experience with Measuring Socially Desirable Responding: A Systematic Review of Item-Quality." 2nd GESIS Research Day, Cologne, Germany, 10.10.2019.


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Kluge, Rebekka. 2022. "Seminar Statistik." Katholische Hochschule Mainz, Munich. Wintersemester 2021/2022: 1 SWS.

Kluge, Rebekka. 2020. "Seminar Empirische Forschungsmethoden II." Katholische Hochschule Mainz, Munich. Sommersemester 2020: 2 SWS.

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Kluge, Rebekka. 2018. "Übung Statistik I." Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Munich. Sommersemester 2018: 2 SWS.

Kluge, Rebekka. 2017. "Übung Statistik I." Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg, Munich. Wintersemester 2017/2018: 2 SWS.