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Researcher at the department of Survey Design and Methodology. He is a member of the Core Scientific Team of the European Social Survey - European Research Infrastructure (ESS ERIC) responsible for quality assurance of fieldwork across countries. Since May 2019, leader of the work area on interviewer behavior. He has a M.A. in empirical political and social research from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and a sociology degree from the Central University of Venezuela. Previously, he worked in the project Computer-Assisted Measurement and Coding of Educational Qualifications in Surveys (CAMCES) at GESIS, Mannheim, and in the Department of Methods and Statistics of the Laboratorio the Ciencias Sociales in Caracas, Venezuela. His research interests lay in the areas of international and cross-cultural comparability, as well as survey data collection. To top



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Journal article

Briceno-Rosas, Roberto, Joost Kappelhof, and Sarah Butt. 2020. "Improving Central Monitoring of Fieldwork in Cross-national Surveys: The Case of the Fieldwork Management System in the European Social Survey." Survey Methods: Insights from the Field (SMIF) 18.05.2020 1-18. doi:

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Contribution to edited volume

Schneider, Silke L., Roberto Briceno-Rosas, Verena Ortmanns, and Jessica M. E. Herzing. 2018. "Measuring Migrants’ Educational Attainment: The CAMCES Tool in the IAB-SOEP Migration Samples." In Surveying the Migrant Population: Consideration of Linguistic and Cultural Issues, edited by Dorothée Behr, GESIS Schriftenreihe 19, 43-74.

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Working and discussion paper

Kessler, Georg, Nicollò Guirelli, Peter Lynn, Brita Dorer, Joost Kappelhof, Jannine van de Maat, Roberto Briceno-Rosas, and Linn-Merethe Rød. 2022. Overall Fieldwork and Data Quality Report for the European Social Survey, Round 9. ERIC European Social Survey.

Stoop, Ineke A. L., Roberto Briceno-Rosas, Achim Koch, and Caroline Vandenplas. 2018. Data falsification in the European Social Survey? London: European Social Survey.

Briceno-Rosas, Roberto, Elisabeth Liebau, Verena Ortmanns, Lisa Pagel, and Silke L. Schneider. 2018. Documentation on ISCED Generation using the CAMCES tool in the IAB-SOEP Migration Samples M1/M2. SOEP Survey Papers: Series D – Variable Descriptions and Coding 579. Berlin: DIW/SOEP.


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Conference contribution

Schneider, Silke L., Roberto Briceno-Rosas, and Verena Ortmanns. 2018. "Computer-Assisted Measurement and Coding of Education in Surveys (CAMCES): Experiences from the LISS Panel." General Online Research Conference (GOR 2018), 2018-03-02.

Ortmanns, Verena, Silke L. Schneider, Roberto Briceno-Rosas, and Jessica M. E. Herzing. 2017. "Die Messung von Bildung bei Migrantinnen und Migranten der ersten Generation: ein neues adaptives Instrument für Umfragen." LERN 2017, Wissenschaftliche Jahrestagung, 2017-04-26.

Briceno-Rosas, Roberto. 2016. "Asking about education in multinational, multiregional and multicultural contexts: results from cognitive pretesting in two countries." 3MC International Conference 2016, 2016-07-26.

Briceno-Rosas, Roberto. 2016. "Challenges of measuring the attitudes towards the scope of government cross-nationally: Evidences from international surveys in Venezuela." 3MC International Conference 2016, 2016-07-28.

Schneider, Silke L., Roberto Briceno-Rosas, Jessica M. E. Herzing, and Verena Ortmanns. 2016. "Overcoming the shortcomings of long list showcards: Measuring education with an adaptive database lookup." 9th International Conference on Social Science Methodology (RC33 Conference), 2016-09-13.

Ortmanns, Verena, Silke L. Schneider, Jessica M. E. Herzing, and Roberto Briceno-Rosas. 2015. "Computer-assisted measurement and coding of educational qualifications in surveys (CAMCES)." International Workshop on Comparative Survey Design and Implementation (CSDI), 2015-03-28.

Briceno-Rosas, Roberto. 2015. "Is the concept of attitudes towards the welfare state fitted for measurement in both europe and non-european countries?" 6th Conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA).

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Contribution not at conference

Briceno-Rosas, Roberto, and Joost Kappelhof. 2020. "Promoting Desirable Interviewer Behaviour in the European Social Survey ." Webinar: Survey Methodology Series, 2020-10-28.

Briceno-Rosas, Roberto. 2018. "Undesirable Interviewer Behaviour: Consultation with ESS National Coordinators & Insights from Discussion." ESS Fieldwork Directors’ Meeting, 2018-05-25.

Schneider, Silke L., Verena Ortmanns, Roberto Briceno-Rosas, and Jessica M. E. Herzing. 2017. "Computer Assisted Measurement and Coding of Educational Qualifcations in Multicultural Surveys (CAMCES): A new set of survey tools." Symposium on „Surveying the migrant population: Consideration of linguistic and cultural aspects“, 2017-03-14.


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Briceno-Rosas, Roberto, Silke L. Schneider, Verena Ortmanns, and Jessica Herzing. 2016. "3rd CAMCES Expert Workshop." Mannheim, 2016-05-24 - 2016-05-25.

Schneider, Silke L., Roberto Briceno-Rosas, and Verena Ortmanns. 2016. "Session: Innovative tools in computer-assisted survey measurement: opportunities and challenges." 3MC International Conference 2016, Chicago, IL, 2016-07-26.