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Simone Haasler studied Sociology and Economics at the University of Trier and obtained her Ph.D. in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Bremen in 2009. Between 2001 and 2017 she worked at the University of Bremen for different research institutes, in particular as Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Social Policy Research (now SOCIUM) and as Research Coordinator at the Centre for Labour and Civic Education (zap). Before joining the University of Bremen in 2001, she worked as Education Specialist in the area of Knowledge Management for the Human Development Network of the World Bank in Washington D.C., USA. Since 2017, Simone Haasler is Head of Department of Knowledge Exchange & Outreach (KEO) of GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences.

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Head of Department of Knowledge Exchange & Outreach (KEO)

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labour markt developments, employment and skills; work trajectories and learning biographies; lifelong learning; international comparative approaches; qualitative methods

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Journal article

Haasler, Simone. 2020. "The German system of vocational education and training: challenges of gender, academisation and the integration of low-achieving youth." Transfer 26 (1): 57-71.

Wicht, Alexandra, Nora Müller, Simone Haasler, and Alexandra Nonnenmacher. 2019. "The interplay between education, skills and job quality." Social Inclusion 7 (3): 254-269. doi:

Haasler, Simone. 2016. "Verhinderte Karrieren und Berufswechsel : berufliche Orientierungen von Frauen der mittleren Erwerbsgeneration." Berufs- und Wirtschaftspädagogik online (bwp@) (Spezial 12, 1-15.

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Contribution to edited volume

Hokema, Anna, and Simone Haasler. 2021. "Weibliche Solo-Selbstständigkeit – innovative Arbeitsmarktintegration oder Weg in die Prekarisierung?." In Geschlechterungleichheiten in Arbeit, Wohlfahrtsstaat und Familie, edited by Simone Scherger, Ruth Abramowski, Irene Dingeldey, Anna Hokema, and Andrea Schäfer, 333-360. Frankfurt/New York: Campus Verlag.

Haasler, Simone. 2018. "Der erweiterte Nutzen beruflichen Lernens." 3.. In Handbuch Berufsbildungsforschung, edited by Felix Rauner, and Philipp Grollmann,

Haasler, Simone. 2017. "'I Do This Just To Keep That Basic Skill'—The Role of Identity Continuities for Careers." 1.. In Identity as a Foundation for Human Resource Development, edited by Kate Black, Russel Warhurst, and Sandra Corlett, Routledge Studies in Human Resource Development 26, 223-236.


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Mochmann, Ingvill Constanze, Norman Mukasa, and Simone Haasler. 2018. "Capacity Building for Data Management and Participation in International Surveys in Africa (Session organisor)." RDA Plenary Session, Garbone, Botswana, 06.11.2018.