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Danner, Daniel, Beatrice Rammstedt, Matthias Blümke, Clemens Lechner, Sabrina Berres, Thomas Knopf, Christopher Soto, and Oliver P. John. 2019. "Das Big-Five Inventar 2: Validierung eines Persönlichkeitsinventars zur Erfassung von 5 Persönlichkeitsdomänen und 15 Facetten." Diagnostica 65 (3): 121-132. doi:

Lechner, Clemens, Ai Miyamoto, and Thomas Knopf. 2019. "Should students be smart, curious, or both?: Fluid intelligence, Openness, and interest co-shape the acquisition of reading and math competence." Intelligence 76. doi:

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Groskurth, Katharina, Thomas Knopf, Melanie Partsch, Isabelle Schmidt, and Matthias Blümke. 2020. Stata Code for the Development and Validation of Measurement Instruments in the Social Sciences: Psychometric Analyses (Dimensionality, Reliability, Measurement Invariance). doi: