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Journal article

Batzdorfer, Veronika, Holger Steinmetz, Marco Biella, and Meysam Alizadeh. 2021. "Conspiracy theories on Twitter: Emerging motifs and temporal dynamics during the COVID-19 pandemic." International Journal of Data Science and Analytics. doi:

Bittermann, André, Veronika Batzdorfer, Sarah Marie Müller, and Holger Steinmetz. 2021. "Mining Twitter to detect hotspots in psychology." Zeitschrift für Psychologie 229 (1): 3-14. doi:


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Conference contribution

Bittermann, André, Veronika Batzdorfer, and Holger Steinmetz. 2021. "Twitter as a research tool and object in psychology: Applications in scientometrics and distributional semantics." Research Synthesis & Big Data Conference, online, 18.05.2021. doi:

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Contribution not at conference

Batzdorfer, Veronika, and Holger Steinmetz. 2021. "Dynamics of conspiracy theories on Twitter: A multi-level perspective." European Association of Social Psychology small group meeting on social implications of conspiracy theories, online, 19.11.2021.