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Yousef Younes has received his bachelor degree from Al-Mamoun University, Syria in 2010. Then he had worked as a software developer for two years before he has gotten his master degree in software engineering from Chongqing University, China in 2015. After that he worked as a lecturer at Al-Sham University, Syria until 2018 when he moved to Germany to work as a researcher at Brandenburg University (BTU-CS). In 2021, he joined GESIS as an associated researcher. 

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  • Findability of Research Data
  • Search Engine Optimization
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  • Natural Language Processing
  • Information retrieval
  • Quantum Logic

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Journal article

Younes, Yousef. 2019. "On Quantum Implication." Quantum Machine Intelligence .

Younes, Yousef. 2014. "A New Approach to Perform Regression Using Minimum Bounding Geometry." Journal of Computer Sciences and Applications.

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Contribution to edited volume

Younes, Yousef, and Brigitte Mathiak. 2022. "Handling Class Imbalance when Detecting Dataset Mentions with Pre-trained Language Models." In Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing (ICNLSP),

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Working and discussion paper

Limani, Fidan, Yousef Younes, Valentina Hiseni, Janete Saldanha Bach Estevao, Peter Mutschke, and Brigitte Mathiak. 2021. KonsortSWD Task Area 5 Measure 2 Report Scope: Milestones 1, 2, and 3.

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Other article

Younes, Yousef, Sebastian Tiesler, Robert Jäschke, and Brigitte Mathiak. 2022. "Where are the Datasets? A case study on the German Academic Web Archive."


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Conference contribution

Younes, Yousef, Brigitte Mathiak, and Fidan Limani. 2021. "Keywords for Data Discovery." Open Science Fair Lightning Talk, Online, 21.09.2021.