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Claudia Schredl studied Sociology at the University of Vienna (B.A.), International Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (B.Sc.) and Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy (SEEP) at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (M.Sc.). In her studies she focused on gender dimensions in the labor market and family policy, specifically on the gendered division of labor. She wrote her Master’s thesis about “Gender Differences in Paid and Unpaid Work in Austria”. During her studies she worked as tutor and student assistant at the Institute of Sociology (University of Vienna) and at the Department of Socioeconomics (Vienna University of Economics and Business).

Since April 2018 Claudia Schredl is a scientific associate at GESIS, Team CEWS, participating in the Horizon 2020-funded project "Gender Equality in Engineering through Communication and Commitment" (GEECCO). She is responsible for the evaluation of gender equality plans, the development of tailor-made monitoring tools as well as the conceptualization of online tutorials for sustainably building up evaluative steering capacities in the GEECCO partner organisations. Since February 2021 Claudia is involved in the Horizon 2020-funded project UniSAFE on gender-based violence in research organisations.

Claudia Schredl is also a doctoral student at the Paderborn University, Department of Sociology, writing her dissertation on "The Pitfalls of Essentialism for Gender Equality Measures in STEM Universities".

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Gender Equality Policy in Science in the EU

Sexual Harassment and Gender Stereotypes in Science

Application of Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in this Field