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Claudia Schredl studied Sociology at the University of Vienna (B.A.), International Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (B.Sc.) and Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy (SEEP) at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (M.Sc.). In her studies she focused on gender dimensions in the labor market and family policy, specifically on the gendered division of labor. She wrote her Master’s thesis about “Gender Differences in Paid and Unpaid Work in Austria”. During her studies she worked as tutor and student assistant at the Institute of Sociology (University of Vienna) and at the Department of Socioeconomics (Vienna University of Economics and Business).

Since April 2018 Claudia Schredl is a scientific associate at GESIS, Team CEWS, working in the EU-funded projects GEECCO (2017-2021, Horizon 2020) and UniSAFE (2021-2024, Horizon 2020).

Claudia Schredl is also a doctoral candidate at the Paderborn University, Department of Sociology, writing her dissertation on "The Pitfalls of Essentialism for Gender Change in STEM Universities".

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In the UniSAFE project responsible for the development and implementation of an online survey on gender-based violence in over 45 universities and research organisations in 15 European countries. The aim of the survey is to provide comprehensive insights into the prevalence of gender-based violence in academia, its determinants and consequences.

Core tasks in the GEECCO project included the evaluation of gender equality plans, the development of tailor-made monitoring tools as well as the conceptualization of online tutorials for sustainably building up evaluative steering capacities in the GEECCO partner organisations.
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Gender Equality Policy in Science in the EU

Evaluation of Institutional Change in Universities and Research Organisations

Gender Stereotypes, Sexual Harassment and Gender-based Violence in Academia

Feminist Institutionalism

Application of Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in this Field

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Working and discussion paper

Lipinsky, Anke, and Claudia Schredl. 2021. Final evaluation report. GEECCO: Gender equality in engineering through communication and commitment (H2020 project).

Lipinsky, Anke, Claudia Schredl, Horst Baumann, Vera Lomazzi, Frederike Freund, Anne Laure Humbert, Jagriti Tanwar, and Fredrik Bondestam. 2021. UniSAFE D4.1 Final UniSAFE-Survey Questionnaire.

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Other article

Schredl, Claudia. 2021. "Data protection in the UniSAFE survey."

Schredl, Claudia, and Anke Lipinsky. 2021. "Wenn ..., dann ..., und dann würde das dazu führen, dass ...": Evaluation von Gleichstellungsplänen von vier MINT-Universitäten im Rahmen des EU-Projektes GEECCO." In CEWS-Journal , 31-34.


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Conference contribution

Schredl, Claudia, Anke Lipinsky, and Anne Laure Humbert. 2022. "Measures of Gender-based Violence Under Revision : A Mapping of Existing Measures of Gender-based Violence, its Determinants and Consequences in Higher Education and Research Environments ." European Conference on Politics and Gender 2022, Ljubljana, 06.07.2022.

Schredl, Claudia. 2021. "The pitfalls of essentialism for gender equality measures in STEM Universities." Gender Equality in Higher Education Conference 2021, Online, 15.09.2021.

Schredl, Claudia. 2021. "The pitfalls of essentialism for gender equality measures in STEM Universities." Gender, Work and Organization Conference 2021, Online, 30.06.2021.

Schredl, Claudia. 2020. "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus? The Pitfalls of Essentialist Gender Beliefs for Gender Equality Measures in STEM Universities." EMBO | EMBL | HHMI Conference: Gender Roles and their Impact in Academia, Heidelberg (Online), 13.10.2020.

Schredl, Claudia. 2019. "Gender Differences in Paid and Unpaid Work. A Study based on 2012/13 GGS-Data Relating the Gendered Division of Unpaid Work to Paid Working Time in Austria." ESPAnet Austria, 3. Forschungskonferenz, Innsbruck, 25.04.2019.

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Contribution not at conference

Schredl, Claudia, and Maria Sangiuliano. 2021. "Methods for monitoring and evaluating institutional change." GE Academy Online Training, Online, 03.11.2021.

Schredl, Claudia. 2020. "Findings and Recommendations of the GEECCO Interim Evaluation at Politechnika Krakowsa." GEECCO WP8-WP10 Workshop, Krakau, 30.01.2020.

Schredl, Claudia. 2020. "Findings and Recommendations of the GEECCO Interim Evaluation at TU Wien." GEECCO WP8-WP10 Workshop, Wien, 17.01.2020.

Schredl, Claudia. 2020. "Findings and Recommendations of the GEECCO Interim Evaluation at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya." GEECCO WP8-WP10 Workshop, Barcelona, 04.02.2020.

Schredl, Claudia. 2019. "Evaluation of Institutional Gender Equality Policies." 5th GEECCO Project Meeting, Reggio Calabria, 03.06.2019.


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Beiträge oder Interviews in nicht-wissenschaftlichen Medien

Schredl, Claudia. 2021. "GEECCO Data Monitoring Tool."

Schredl, Claudia. 2021. "Gender Equality Approaches ...and their impact on the implementation of gender equality plans in European universities."

Schredl, Claudia. 2021. "Gender Equality Plans in Technical Universities and the Use of Logic Models (Video)." .

Schredl, Claudia. 2021. "How to Develop SMART Gender Equality Objectives."