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Lisette Espín-Noboa is a PhD. student at the University of Koblenz-Landau and at the Computational Social Science department at GESIS. Her research interest is data science with a focus on the study of relational data including network inference, machine learning and human behavior. 

Lisette has done 3 internships in Academia. In winter 2017 she was a 2-month Visiting Student Researcher at the Biomedical Informatics Research Department (BMIR) at Stanford. She was also a 3-month Visiting Research Assistant at the Information Science Institute (ISI) of the University of Southern California (USC), in both summers 2017 and 2018. During her internships she studied the influence of semantic networks in online navigation, and the influence of sampling and network structure in relational classification. 

Lisette got her Masters in Computer Science at the University of Saarland in Germany. During that time she joined the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems to work on her thesis on Online Social Network Analysis. Previously, she got her Engineering in Computer Science at Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL) in Ecuador where she specialized in relational databases and software development.

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My Research:

  • HopRank

  • Other implementations
  • PyChimerge (python)
  • MRQAP (python2python3R)


    Introduction to Network Science with Python

    Machine Learning Tutorial using KAGGLE:
  • Session 1
  • Session 2


    Reinhard Munz (MPI-SWS)
    Inquiry: Taxi data and segregation of data points used in the human mobility paper (Espin et al. WWW'16) 
    Citation in: UniTraX: Protecting Data Privacy with Discoverable Biases. With Fabienne Eigner, Matteo Maffei, Paul Francis, and Deepak Garg. Conference on Principles of Security and Trust (POST), 2018.

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    Journal article

    Espín Noboa, Lisette, Florian Lemmerich, Markus Strohmaier, and Philipp Singer. 2017. "JANUS: A hypothesis-driven Bayesian approach for understanding edge formation in attributed multigraphs." Applied Network Science 2 (1): 1-20. doi:

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    Contribution to edited volume

    Espín Noboa, Lisette, Florian Lemmerich, Simon Walk, Markus Strohmaier, and Mark A. Musen. 2019. "HopRank: How Semantic Structure Influences Teleportation in PageRank (A case study on BioPortal)." In WWW '19: The Web Conference, edited by Ling Liu, and Ryen White, 2708-2714. New York: ACM. doi:

    Espín Noboa, Lisette, Claudia Wagner, Fariba Karimi, and Kristina Lerman. 2018. "Towards quantifying sampling bias in network inference." edited by Pierre-Antoine Champin, Fabien Gandon, Lionel Médini, Mounia Lalmas, and Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis, doi:

    Espín Noboa, Lisette, Florian Lemmerich, Markus Strohmaier, and Philipp Singer. 2017. "A Hypotheses-driven Bayesian Approach for Understanding Edge Formation in Attributed Multigraphs." In Complex Networks & Their Applications V: Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Complex Networks and their Applications (COMPLEX NETWORKS 2016), Milan, Italy, November 30 - December 2, 2016, edited by Hocine Cherifi, Sabrina Gaito, Walter Quattrociocchi, and Alessandra Sala, Studies in Computational Intelligence 693, 3-16. Cham: Springer. doi:

    Lemmerich, Florian, Philipp Singer, Martin Becker, Lisette Espín Noboa, Dimitar Dimitrov, Denis Helic, Andreas Hotho, and Markus Strohmaier. 2017. "Comparing hypotheses about sequential data: a bayesian approach and its applications." In Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases - European Conference, ECML PKDD 2017, Skopje, Macedonia, September 18-22, 2017, Proceedings, Part III, edited by Yasemin Altun, Kamalika Das, Taneli Mielikäinen, Donato Malerba, Jerzy Stefanowski, Jesse Read, Marinka Zitnik, Michelangelo Ceci, and Saso Dzeroski, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 10536, 354-357. Cham: Springer. doi:

    Walk, Simon, Lisette Espín Noboa, Denis Helic, Markus Strohmaier, and Mark A. Musen. 2017. "How Users Explore Ontologies on the Web: A Study of NCBO's BioPortal Usage Logs." In Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web, WWW 2017, Perth, Australia, April 3-7, 2017, edited by Rick Barrett, Rick Cummings, Eugene Agichtein, and Evgeniy Gabrilovich, 775-784. New York: ACM. doi: .

    Espín Noboa, Lisette, Florian Lemmerich, Philipp Singer, and Markus Strohmaier. 2016. "Discovering and Characterizing Mobility Patterns in Urban Spaces: A Study of Manhattan Taxi Data." 2016. In Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on World Wide Web, WWW 2016, Montreal, Canada, April 11-15, 2016, edited by Jacqueline Bourdeau, Jim Hendler, Roger Nkambou, Ian Horrocks, and Ben Y. Zhao, ACM 2016 Companion Volume, 537-542. New York: ACM. doi:

    Walk, Simon, Lisette Espín Noboa, Tania Tudorache, Mark A. Musen, and Markus Strohmaier. 2015. "Understanding How Users Edit Ontologies: Comparing Hypotheses About Four Real-World Projects." 1st ed.. In The Semantic Web - ISWC 2015: 14th International Semantic Web Conference, Bethlehem, PA, USA, October 11-15, 2015, Proceedings, Part I, edited by Marcelo Arenas, Óscar Corcho, Elena Simperl, and Markus Strohmaier, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9366 9366, 551-568. Cham: Springer. doi: