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I'm Mario A. Ramirez, currently a Software Research Engineer at GESIS.

My diverse background encompasses roles as a Geoscientist, Full Stack & Data Scientist developer. Previously, I served as a Geophysicist, conducting research at E.ON-RWTH in the geophysics domain, where I specialized in developing numerical simulations for geothermal systems.

Transitioning onwards, I assumed the Head of Software Development role at Geolegaltech GmbH, where I led a team dedicated to crafting innovative solutions within geospatial technology and legal tech. While a consultant at Finerio Connect, I embarked as a Senior Software Developer, contributing my skills to intricate software projects and spearheading the design of resilient web-crawling applications using AWS.

My journey extended into the realms of data engineering and data science. Continually, I'm looking for fresh opportunities to apply my expertise across domains including business, engineering, economics, geoscience, data science, and public policies.
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In my research journey, I'm immersed in the fascinating realm of computer social science, weaving together the threads of data wrangling, data analysis, and machine learning. My passion lies in deciphering the intricate tapestry of human behaviour within the digital landscape, particularly in the context of web browser interactions.

My research voyage embarks with the craft of web extensions and Python scrapers, which serve as my tools to collect precious data from the vast expanse of the internet. I'm trying to unravel the secrets hidden in people's web browsing habits to understand the patterns that govern their online journeys.

At the summit of my research peak lies a dream of crafting a User Experience (UX) automation marvel. Can I, through the magic of machine learning, create a digital companion that understands and enhances the user experience? Can it anticipate users' needs, making their online journey smoother and more delightful? This is the question that propels me forward.