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Pollak, Reinhard, Wolfgang Ludwig-Mayerhofer, Heike Solga, Laura Menze, Kathrin Leuze, Rosine Edelstein, Ralf Künster, Ellen Ebradlidze, Gritt Fehring, and Susanne Kühn. 2019. "Vocational Education and Training and Transitions into the Labor Market." Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft 2019 (EZFE, volume 3): 277-323. doi:

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Contribution to edited volume

Pollak, Reinhard, and Walter Müller. 2020. "Education as an Equalizing Force: How Declining Educational Inequality and Educational Expansion have contributed to More Social Fluidity in Germany." In Education and intergenerational social mobility in Europe and the United States, edited by Richard Breen, and Walter Müller, 122-149. Stanford University Press.