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Grants & Application

GESIS offers international researchers (doctoral level and higher) and representatives of research infrastructures the possibility to apply for financial support for a stay at GESIS. The GESIS Research Grants program distinguishes between two kinds of grants: EUROLAB Grants and GESIS Grants. EUROLAB Grants allow visiting researchers to pursue their own research projects on the basis of data stored at GESIS Data Archive. GESIS Grants enable the realization of research projects which GESIS and its guests jointly initiate and/or which aim to further develop infrastructure projects.

The following section presents the application process for these two grants, as well as for self-funded research visits. The last part lists practical information on accommodation, insurance, passport & visa, location, as well as research visits and family duties.

Should you have further queries, please email us at eurolab[at]

Please note that, until further notice, visiting researchers are only allowed to work at GESIS if they are either fully vaccinated against or have recovered from COVID-19.

The visiting researchers programs are currently being restructured. Further information will follow soon.

Individual researchers from outside Germany who want to work on data available at GESIS may apply for support to access EUROLAB for a period of one month. The call for applications for a EUROLAB Grant is published once per year (in September).

An international selection panel evaluates the applications on a competitive basis. Applications are assessed based on the expected scientific merits. The evaluation process takes approximately one month. A EUROLAB Grant covers travel costs to and from GESIS up to a maximum amount of 500€ from European countries and 900€ from countries outside Europe (reimbursed upon presentation of the original receipts) plus an allowance of 2,000€ for accommodation and other costs.

During their stay, visiting researchers profit from a wide range of services offered by GESIS and EUROLAB including access to restricted data via the Secure Data Center (upon separate application). Furthermore, visiting researchers will get the opportunity to submit their work to the GESIS publications.

By the end of the stay, visiting researchers hand in a report that summarizes their main achievements.

GESIS Grants support collaboration, or the preparation of a collaboration between visiting researchers from outside Germany and GESIS employees. GESIS Grants can be granted for a duration of five working days up to three months. The call for applications for a GESIS Grant is published once per year.

During their stay, visiting researchers are expected to work on a joint publication, a joint proposal for third-party funding, to work on infrastructure activities, the improvement of a GESIS service, or another output of relevance for GESIS. If possible, applicants should be in contact with a cooperation partner from within GESIS prior to their application.

GESIS Grant holders may be:

  • advanced doctoral candidates and postdocs up to four years after completing their doctorate studies from universities or other research institutions that conduct research in one of GESIS’ four major research areas (Survey Methodology, Research Data Management, Contemporary Societal Issues, Applied Computer Science) or at the interface between these areas;
  • representatives of research infrastructures who hold a university degree and whose work is related to that of GESIS

A GESIS Grant covers travel costs to and from GESIS up to a maximum amount of 500€ from European countries and 900€ from countries outside Europe (reimbursed upon presentation of the original receipts). For the duration of their stay, grant holders will receive an amount of up to 2,000€ per month to cover subsistence expenses (meals, accommodation, etc.).

The Board of Directors reviews applications based on preliminary evaluations by the GESIS departments. The assessment criteria are compatibility with GESIS' mission, expected output, and overall quality of the application.

Individual researchers or groups of researchers from outside Germany with funding from other sources ("self-funded visiting researchers") may apply all year round. If you are interested in a self-funded research visit at GESIS, please apply using this application form.

Several European and national institutions offer research grants supporting research stays of international scholars in Germany, for example: DAAD, Marie Curie, Humboldt Foundation. It is your responsibility to inquire about and apply for these programs.


GESIS Grant holders and self-funded visiting researchers are expected to organize their accommodation themselves. Upon request we can provide visiting researchers with a list of hotels and other accommodation close to GESIS. We advise you to book an accommodation as soon as you know the dates you are visiting us. Cologne and Mannheim are popular venues for conferences and trade fairs which is why hotels are often fully booked. Accommodation for EUROLAB Grant holders will be booked by EUROLAB staff.


All insurance matters are your own responsibility. Please make sure that you have valid health insurance for the duration of your visit. In some cases it might be wise to have separate travel insurance. Inquire with your insurance company whether this is recommended in your case.

Passport & Visa

All passport and visa matters are your own responsibility. Please ensure that your passport or other personal identification is valid for the entire duration of your stay in Germany. Please check with your national authorities whether and what type of visa you need to travel to and conduct a research stay in Germany. For long-term stays, you may need additional documents.


EUROLAB Grant holders as well as self-funded visiting researchers usually work at our location in Cologne. GESIS Grant holders work either in Cologne or at our location in Mannheim.

Research visit and family duties

GESIS is a “workandfamily” audit certified research institution and we specifically encourage parents to apply for our visiting researcher programs. If you have any questions on how to reconcile your research visit with your family duties, please don’t hesitate to contact us at eurolab(at)gesis(dot)org. Please contact us in advance if you plan on bringing family with you during your stay.

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