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Services for Visiting Researchers

The visiting researchers programs are currently being restructured. Further information will follow soon.

The Research Gateway EUROLAB team offers technical and organisational support, and to some extent methodological advice along all steps of its visiting reseachers' stay at GESIS. During their stay, visiting researchers will profit from a wide range of services including an individual working place, access to data sets stored at the Data Archive, the GESIS library with various online databases and of course, direct contact to GESIS experts.

Data sets

Visiting researchers have access to more than 5,000 data sets and data collections at GESIS. A comprehensive overview of all data stored at GESIS can be found at the Data Catalogue. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you follow the rules given for using the respective data sets.

GESIS Cologne offers the possibility to use disclosive research data subject to special access requirements and restrictions. Please contact the Secure Data Center in advance of your stay if you plan on working with such data in order to allow enough time for the application process.

Work stations

During their stay, visiting researchers are provided with fully equipped individual working stations including a desktop computer with Windows and standard Microsoft Office applications. All visiting researchers have access to printers, scanners, and copiers.

Each visiting researcher can choose from a comprehensive program library for statistical analyses with most recent software releases. The most common statistical software programs such as Stata, R Studio, and SPSS are installed on all our computers. If you require access to other programs for statistical analyses (e.g. MPlus, HLM, etc.), please let us now in advance.

GESIS Library

Visiting researchers have full access to the GESIS library and SSOAR. The GESIS library allows access to its various digital data bases with reference material relevant to social science and computer science including about 20,000 volumes and more than 140 national and international social science journals. Visiting researchers may also borrow books and journals offered by the GESIS library during the time of their stay.

Contact to Experts

GESIS employs experts in a range of substantial research fields, as well as in data management and archiving. If desired, EUROLAB staff can arrange meetings between visiting researchers and experts.

For general training in analysis or statistical software, please consider participating in GESIS trainings and seminars.

GESIS is an active member of the local social sciences research environment and thus offers contact to a wide range of experts. GESIS maintains close relations with the Universities of Cologne and Mannheim as well as to other universities and research infrastructures in Germany.

GESIS publications

Visiting researchers have the opportunity to submit the results of their work to GESIS publications including GESIS scientific series, GESIS Papers, Historical Social Research (HSR), or methods, data, analyses (mda).

Presentation at the EUROLAB Research Seminar

As a further opportunity to receive comments and feedback on their work, we invite visiting researchers to present their project at the EUROLAB Research Seminar to an audience of peers and staff. This presentation will be promoted to the GESIS staff and interested GESIS experts of the respective research field usually take part in the discussion. Visiting researchers interested in this opportunity should approach the EUROLAB staff in the beginning of their stay.