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International Social Survey Programme


Two cross-national ISSP Citizenship modules have been conducted so far. The first survey was fielded in 2004; the second in 2014. Following an ISSP rule two-thirds of the successive survey’s items are replications from the first survey.

The modules deal in great detail with several aspects of citizenship addressing a legal (rights and duties) as well as a psychological (identity) dimension. Therefore, central themes of these surveys are citizen rights, citizen obligations, participation, tolerance, group membership, trust (social trust as well as political trust), empowerment, political interest, evaluation of institutions, satisfaction with democracy and global vs. national citizenship.

Participating countries 2004 2014
Australia X X
Austria X X
Belgium/Flanders X X
Brazil X  
Bulgaria X  
Canada X  
Chile X X
Croatia   X
Cyprus X  
Czech Republic X X
Denmark X X
Dominican Republik X  
Finland X X
France X X
Georgia   X
Germany X X
Great Britain X X
Hungary X X
Iceland   X
India   X
Ireland (Republic) X  
Israel X X
Japan X X
Latvia X  
Lithuania   X
Mexico X  
Netherlands X X
New Zealand X  
Norway X X
Philippines X X
Poland X X
Portugal X  
Russia X X
Slovakia X X
Slovenia X X
South Africa X X
South Korea X X
Spain X X
Sweden X X
Switzerland X X
Taiwan X X
Turkey   X
United States X X
Uruguay X  
Venezuela X X

Single variables from the ISSP ‘Citizenship’ modules are included in the ONBound project:

ONBound provides a cumulated international cross-survey database linked with country level indicators. It allows for extensive comparative analyses of national and religious identities with harmonized survey data from 280 survey waves and a time span of 50 years.