International Social Survey Programme


The ISSP Environment module series comprises three cross-national surveys conducted in 1993, 2000 and 2010. Successive surveys are always partial replications of earlier surveys.

ISSP Environment modules mainly deal with attitudes towards environment related issues, such as environmental protection, respondents' behavior and respondents' preferences regarding governmental measures on environmental protection.

Participating countries 1993 2000 2010
Argentina     X
Australia X   X
Austria (X) X X
Bangladesh   (X)  
Belgium (Flanders)     X
Bulgaria X X X
Canada X X X
Chile   X X
Croatia     X
Czech Republic X X X
Denmark   X X
Finland   X X
France     X
Germany X X X
Great Britain X X X
Hungary X    
Iceland     X
Ireland X X  
Israel X X X
Italy X    
Japan X X X
Latvia   X X
Lithuania     X
Mexico   X X
Netherlands X X X
New Zealand X X X
Northern Ireland X X  
Norway X X X
Philiippines X X X
Poland X    
Portugal   X X
Russia X X X
Slovakia     X
Slovenia X X X
South Africa     X
South Korea     X
Spain X X X
Sweden   X X
Switzerland (X) X X
Taiwan     X
Turkey     X

(X) = Not integrated, but available on request