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ISSP 1988 - "Family and Changing Gender Roles" - ZA No. 1700

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The latest data set version (1990/ 13.04.2010) : ZA1700 (v1.0.0), doi:10.4232/1.1700

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Note: The data set from Australia is not included in the integrated file due to delay in the data deposit, but can be downloaded as separate data file under the study number ZA1977.

Participating countries

Sample size

Year of fieldwork


Australia 4513 (4514) 1990 not included in integrated file (see note) AU88
Austria 972 1988 weights provided AT88
Great Britain 1307 1988 weights provided GB88
Hungary 1737 1988   HU88
Ireland 1005 1989   IE88
Italy 1028 1988/1989   IT88
Netherlands 1737 1988/1989   NL88
USA 1414 1988   US88
West Germany 2994 1988   DE88