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International Social Survey Programme

ISSP 2011 - "Health and Health Care" - ZA No. 5800

The ISSP Health and Health Care module was conducted in 2011. There have not been any replications so far.

The module deals with health related issues, such as self-reported health and well-being,  personal experiences with health care (barriers to treatment and regular care due to inability to pay, distance from services, no familiarity with medical system, etc.), confidence and trust in the health care system, relative importance placed on various health care fields (mental health, dental health, palliative care, health promotion, etc.), conventional (Western) vs. alternative medicine, health care regimes, and satisfaction with health care services.

Latest news on this module
The latest data set version (10.06.2015) : ZA5800 (v3.0.0), doi:10.4232/1.12252

Data access

Registration is required for data download.

Note: Data and variable level documentation of this ISSP module were mostly prepared by our partners at JDS/ASEP in Spain.

Participating countries

Sample size

Year of Fieldwork

Comments Questionnaire Background Variables
Australia 1946 2012 fielded together with ISSP 2010 AU11 AU11
Belgium/ Flanders 1210 2011   BE11-nl BE11-fla
Belgium/ Wallonia 1873 2012   BE11-fr BE11-wal
Bulgaria 1003 2011 admin. together with ISSP 2010, 2012 BG11 BG11
Chile 1559 2011   CL11 CL11
China 5620 2011   CN11 CN11
Croatia 1210 2011   HR11 HR11
Czech Republic 1804 2012 admin. together with ISSP 2012 CZ11 CZ11
Denmark 1388 2013   DK11 DK11
Finland 1340 2011   FI11-fi
France 3319 2011   FR11 FR11
Germany 1681 2012 admin. together with ISSP 2012 (sample split);
weighting for an all German representative sample (PDF)
DE11 DE11
Great Britain   936 2011   GB11 GB11
Israel 1220 2011/12   IL11-he
Italy 1186 2012/2013   IT11 IT11
Japan 1306 2011   JP11 JP11
Korea (South) 1535 2011   KR11 KR11
Lithuania 1187 2011   LT11 LT11
Netherlands 1472 2011 admin. together with ISSP 2010 NL11 NL11
Norway 1834 2012   NO11 NO11
Philippines 1200 2011   PH11-msb
Poland 1115 2013   PL11 PL11
Portugal 1022 2012/13   PT11 PT11
Russia 1511 2011   RU11 RU11
Slovakia 1128 2012 fielded together with ISSP 2012 SK11 SK11
Slovenia 1082 2011 admin. together with ISSP 2010 SI11 SI11
South Africa 3004 2011   ZA11-af
Spain 2712 2012   ES11 ES11
Sweden 1158 2011   SE11 SE11
Switzerland 1212 2011 admin. together with ISSP 2010 CH11 CH11
Taiwan 2199 2011/12   TW11 TW11
Turkey 1559 2011/12   TR11 TR11
United States 1550 2012   US11 US11