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International Social Survey Programme

National Identity

The ISSP National Identity module series comprises three cross-national surveys conducted in 1995, 2003 and 2013. Successive surveys are always partial replications of earlier surveys.

ISSP National Identity modules mainly deal with issues, such as respondents’ global, national or ethnic identification, aspects of national pride and support for their own nation, attitudes towards national and international issues, attitudes towards foreigners and foreign cultures, and views on what makes someone a true member of one’s own nationality.

Please, note that ISSP National Identity data is also available as a cumulated data file, allowing for cross-national analyses over time.

Participating countries 1995 2003 2013
Australia X X  
Austria X X  
Belgium      X
Bulgaria X X  
Canada X X  
Chile   X  
Croatia     X
Czech Republic X X X
Denmark   X X
Estonia     X
Finland   X X
France   X X
Georgia     X
Germany X X X
Great Britain X X X
Hungary X X X
Iceland     X
India     X
Ireland X X X
Israel   X X
Italy X    
Japan X X X
Latvia X X X
Lithuania     X
Mexico     X
Netherlands X X  
New Zealand X X  
Norway X X X
Philippines X X X
Poland X X  
Portugal   X X
Russia X X X
Slovakia X X X
Slovenia X X X
South Africa   X X
South Korea   X X
Spain X X X
Sweden X X X
Switzerland   X X
Taiwan   X X
Turkey     X
Uruguay   X  
Venezuela   X  

Single variables from the ISSP ‘National Identity’ modules are included in the ONBound project:

ONBound provides a cumulated international cross-survey database linked with country level indicators. It allows for extensive comparative analyses of national and religious identities with harmonized survey data from 280 survey waves and a time span of 50 years.