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ISSP 1985/1990/1996/2006/2016 Cumulation - “Role of Government I-IV” – ZA No.4747/4748

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Data Access

  • GESIS Data Catalogue: Cumulation file ZA4747 and supplementary file ZA4748

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The release of the cumulated ISSP 'Role of Government' modules for the years 1985, 1990, 1996, 2006 and 2016 consists of two separate datasets: ZA4747 and ZA4748.

ZA4747 contains all the cumulated variables, while the supplementary data file ZA4748 'ISSP Cumulation ROG Add On' contains all those variables that could not be cumulated for various reasons. However, they can be matched easily to the cumulated file if necessary. A comprehensive overview on the contents, the structure and basic coding rules of both data files are provided in the Variable Reports.

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Participating countries 1985 1990 1996 2006 2016
Australia X X X X X
Canada     X X  
Chile       X X
Croatia       X X
Czech Republic     X X X
Denmark       X X
Finland       X X
France     X X X
Germany X X X X X
Great Britain X X X X X
Hungary   X X X X
Ireland   X X X  
Israel   X X X X
Italy X X X    
Japan     X X X
Korea (South)       X X
Latvia     X X X
New Zealand     X X X
Norway   X X X X
Philippines     X X X
Poland     X X  
Russia     X X X
Slovakia       X X
Slovenia     X X X
South Africa       X X
Spain     X X X
Sweden     X X X
Switzerland     X X X
Taiwan       X X
Venezuela       X X