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International Social Survey Programme

ISSP 2009 "Social Inequality IV" - ZA No. 5400

Latest news on this module
The latest data set version (23.05.2017) : ZA5400 (v4.0.0), doi:10.4232/1.12777

Note 1: Data of this ISSP module were mostly prepared by our partners at JDS/ASEP in Spain.
Note 2: The data sets from Italy and Venezuela were delivered at the Archive after the final release had been prepared. They are included in the integrated file, beginning with version 3.0.0. Lithuania has not been an ISSP member in 2009 but carried out the ISSP 2009 survey in 2010/2011 along with ISSP 2010. Their data is included in the integrated file since version 4.0.0.
Note 3: The data set from Canada is not included in the integrated file based on decision of the Methodolocigal Committee due to low response rate and limitations of the sample database. The dataset from the Netherlands was handed in too late and could not be integrated retrospectively because the survey was done four years later than in most other countries. Both data sets can be downloaded as separate data files under the study numbers ZA5389 (Canada) and ZA5995 (Netherlands).
Note 4: There is a patch file available that serves to simplify the use of V67 'Q21a How much money would be left if the home you and your family live in was sold without any debts?' and V68 'Q21b About how much money would be left if you and/ or your immediate family converted to cash all savings?' in data analyses. By running the syntax commands, V67 and V68 are split to country-specific variables. As values, class midpoints are computed for each country and monetary class, see 'ZA5400_v4-0-0-0_Patch V67-V68.sps' in the GESIS Data Catalogue.

Participating countries

Sample size

Time of Fieldwork


Questionnaire Background Variables
Australia 1525 12/2009-02/2010   AU09 AU09
Argentina 1133 07/2010-11/2010   AR09 AR09
Austria 1019 07/2010-09/2010   AT09 AT09
Belgium/ Flanders 1115 03/2009-07/2009   BE09-nl BE-FLA09
Bulgaria 1000 12/2008-01/2009   BG09 BG09
Canada 421 09/2009-02/2010 admin.together with ISSP 2008 'Religion III' - not included in integrated file (see note)    
Chile 1505 05/2009-06/2009   CL09 CL09
China 3010 10/2008-12/2008   CN09 CN09
Croatia 1201 06/2009-09/2009 admin.together with ISSP 2008 'Religion III' HR09 HR09
Cyprus 1000 nbsp;   CY09 CY09
Czech Republic 1205 09/2008   CZ09 CZ09
Denmark 1518 09/2009-01/2010   DK09 DK09
Estonia 1005 06/2010-07/2010   EE09-ee
Finland 880 10/2009-12/2009   FI09-fi
France 2817 04/2009-07/2009   FR09 FR09
Germany 1395 05/2010-11/2010 admin. together with ISSP 2010 (sample split);
weighting for an all German representative sample (PDF)
DE09 DE09
Great Britain 958 06/2009-11/2009   GB09 GB09
Hungary 1010 11/2009   HU09  
Iceland 947 11/2009-05/2010   IS09 IS09
Israel 1193 09/2009-02/2010 admin.together with ISSP 2008 'Religion III' IL09-ar
Italy 1084 06/2011-01/2012   IT09 IT09
Japan 1296 11/2009   JP09 JP09
Latvia 1069 06/2009-07/2009 admin.together with ISSP 2008 'Religion III' LV09-lv
Lithuania 1023 11/2010-02/2011 admin.together with ISSP 2010 'Environment III' LT09 LT09
Netherlands 1315 2013 not included in integrated file (see note)    
New Zealand 935 07/2009-11/2009   NZ09 NZ09
Norway 1246 10/2009-05/2010   NO09 NO09
Philippines 1200 10/2009   PH09-war
Poland 1263 06/2010-07/2010   admin.together with ISSP 2008 'Religion III' PL09 PL09
Portugal 1000 06/2009-11/2009   admin.together with ISSP 2008 'Religion III'  PT09 PT09
Russia 1603 12/2009   RU09 RU09
Slovakia 1159 09/2009-10/2009   SK09-sk
Slovenia 1065 03/2009-06/2009 admin.together with ISSP 2008 'Religion III' SI09 SI09
South Africa 3305 11/2009-12/2009   ZA09-ts
South Korea 1599 06/2009-08/2009<   KR09 KR09
Spain 1215 11/2009   ES09  
Sweden 1137 02/2009-05/2009   SE09 SE09
Switzerland 1229 02/2009-09/2009 admin.together with ISSP 2008 'Religion III' CH09 CH09
Taiwan 2026 07/2009-10/2009   TW09 TW09
Turkey 1569 10/2009-01/2010   TR09 TR09
Ukraine 2012 06/2009   UA09-ua
United States 1581 03/2010-08/2010 admin.together with ISSP 2010 'Environment II' US09 US09
Venezuela  969 06/2010   VE09 VE09