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International Social Survey Programme

Social Networks

The ISSP Social Networks module series comprises three surveys entitled “Social Networks and Support Systems” conducted in 1986, “Social Relations and Support Systems” conducted in 2001 and  “Social Networks and Social Resources” conducted in 2017. These modules share the basic idea of measuring social networks and exhibit some variable overlap. However, since the thematic focus has changed across years, they are not being regarded as replicated ISSP modules.

ISSP Social Networks modules essentially deal with issues, such as nature and contacts with family members and friends, participation in associations and groups, duties and rights in social networks and social trust.

Participating countries 1986 2001 2017
Australia X X X
Austria X X X
Brazil   X  
Canada   X  
Chile   X  
China     X
Croatia     X
Cyprus   X  
Czech Republic   X X
Denmark   X X
Finland   X X
France   X X
Germany X X X
Great Britain X X X
Hungary X X X
Iceland     X
India     X
Ireland (X)    
Israel   X X
Italy X X  
Japan   X X
Latvia   X  
Lithuania     X
Mexico     X
Netherlands   (X)  
New Zealand   X X
Northern Ireland   X  
Norway   X  
Philippines   X X
Poland   X  
Russia   X X
Slovakia     X
Slovenia (X) X X
South Africa   X X
Spain   X X
Suriname     X
Sweden     X
Switzerland   X X
Thailand     X
Taiwan     X

(X) = Not integrated, but available on request